Lets Meet For coffee or drinks in Brussels and make some new Friends.

I am from Helsinki, Finland. Currently in Brussels. want to make some new friends. So those who are interested to meet for a drink and nice talk we all can meet in brussels. Lets be friends and make this world better with our positive efforts.
Best Reegards,

wow, what a difference when a guy or a girl posts in this forum !!  I´ve been here for less than a month and I enjoy meetin new people, so if still up for it I´ll be happy to meet for a nice belgium beer. I´ve lived in Helsinki for a year myself so it´d be nice to hear a bit about the city  (and just to be clear.. I´m hetero! )


sympa cette idée de rencontre ....
je reste volontaire
....et je suis une fille !

Hi cecilejustine,

Can you please post in english on this anglophone forum so as all the other members can understand? :)

Thank you,

Expat.com team

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