New in Brussles and want to meet people?

Hi everyone!

I've been checking the forum lately and I couldn't find any meeting organized. So I've decided to open a new post and see if can arrange something!

I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Andres, I'm a spanish student. I've been in Brussels for one week. I don't know anyone in the city and I'm willing to meet new people to have a beer(belgian, of course), go out or just chill out. I'm currently looking for a
job, but I'm pretty much available always.

So if you are new in the city or you just want meet to new  people, don't hesitate it, let's meet up!

Hi Andres,

welcome to!

thank you for this introduction.

It is a great idea. You could organise an meet up. You just have to propose a date (2 or 3 weeks in advance), a time and a place.

I hope you will get lots of replies.

Thank you,

Nice idea!
Count me in! :P

(i'm mostly available during the weekends. Or during the week only after 20.00h.)


I would love to join but it's coming up for heading off on holiday..
How about organising another catch up late Aug or thereafter


I think this is an excellent idea.  I am in the process of moving to Brussels and would gladly welcome an opportunity to meet other expats!!!


cool topic, I am in :) still waiting for my holidays and would be great if we can organise something - even after August :)

I am around Schuman, but I don't mind getting out of the area :)

I would be nice! but in September! I'm leaving for holidays... finally :):):)

I'm also new to Brussels, perhaps drinks in the Delerium Café could be organised? I've just moved to Schuman from Ireland

Hi everyone! I just moved to Brussels from France.

I would love to meet up with you guys and hang out some times!

Hi there,  i would like to also join you guys.      I live in place meiser and work between schuman and place de lux.     How about getting together this thursday after work in place de lux ?     I will be there  with some collegues.   Let me know if you are around.     Wish you a great week !


Hi everyone.

I just registered here. I would also like to join you in one of your excursions ;)

Are there people who are free sometime for coffee some place nice?

Yes i Would. Been hère à week also.

i am in ! where do we meet ?

Hey dreamwatcher.

Well, I am in too, but nobody seems to be replying. Does anybody know a good coffee place, possibly with nice chocolate sweets?:D
And we still have to fix a date!

Hey Guys , I don't know if you guyes noticed or not but there is a meeting tonight you can see all the details on the how to make friends in brussels thread.

Hello everyone!

I am also kind of new here ( I'm here for almost four moths to work, but I came alone, so I don't have any friends here yet! )
If there we could organize some thing, I would love to go :)

Hello! Has anything been organised yet? I'm here till December and would love to meet people in Brussels x

It's kind of late to reply to your post :D
But since I'm italian and I just moved to Brussels I don'y know anyone yet...Do you still organize meetings? :)
ciao! :)

I'd also like to meet up, I've been here since April and don't know anyone outside work... :(

Hello Everyone,
I just joined this site... I am from India, but working from Brussels from the past some years... Looking forward to make my social life a bit more active... So If you guys do make some plans to meet up, count me in..


I'm stayin' in brussels for 2 months because I got a traineeship place from here, I'm Originally from Finland and don't know any 1 here so if some1 whants to chill or have a beer or something I would be more than happy to go.:)

best regards



I'm also pretty new to the city, I'm looking to meet new friends and have fun. I'm definitely interested if anyone wants to hang out.

I think we should organize something!! What about this saturday? I think there is the "Nuit Blanche" in Grand Place :)

That is a great idea LitaChambel.. Thanks for taking the initiative to propose a plan....

I see that many of us here wants to socialize and make new friends, but It looks like probably no plans have materialized so far..

We can just meet up someplace, even a Coffee place like "DimiGr" above suggested and catch up with each other and discuss the expat life here in Brussels

On a personal note tomorrow evening I already have some other commitments :(

Any other Evening after office hours during the week or any other weekends this month / even this Sunday will be good...

Cheers! Have a great weekend. :)

Hey Lita,

I don't know if there have been any other takers, but if there are some people who want to go to Grand Place Saturday evening, I would love to join you guys!

Off course! Everybody is welcomed :D
We just have to know were and when lol

Any plans for gathering Tonight ?? I would like to join....

Any young expats here who like Dubstep? =D I'm here with Belgian family but I cant find friends to hang out with -_____-

I like!! Let's gooo :)

Haha!! alrigght! =D

Hi all,

Do you still all meet up? I would be well up for it!

Hello everyone, Ive been here in belgium for two weeks.
lookng to make some friends. Im livivng outside of leuven, but happy to travel to brussel (I love the city).
I would love to make my own group of friends, as being around my flemish boyfriend and his friends can i explain this...basically i need my own friends. haha. its so different from home, not being around my friends constantly.
So if you love to laugh, love dogs (i just got a french bulldog puppy, Freddie, maybe i can bring him too) and free to meet this saturday for coffee/chat/nice day out,
let me know :)
Charlotte UK.

I propose a coffe at 21 hours tomorow (friday). Who's up? :)

I am in for tonight coffee meet up..
can you share meetup time and location details..?

Hey guys,

I'm Josh (24, German) and will move to Brussels by the end of the week to start working at the European Parliament from November onwards.
As I know hardly anyone in Brussels yet, I am very keen to meet new people. So, if any social events for Brussels-newbies are scheduled give me a holler! ;)

All the best

Hi and welcome!

Unfortunantely, we couldn't meet up last week, so I'll propose finding a day when the maiority is available and go get a drink altogheter! :)

I agree lita!

Someday this weekend? Maybe on Saturday?

Yes Saturday seems good!
Rookie and Charlotte I'm sending you my number so we can meet! :)

Everyone is welcomed to come :)

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