Weekly meet up for drinks?

I'm guessing there will be little response to this, but does anyone have any interest for a weekly meet up at a different bar. Something casual, fun, and relaxing. We could try a new bar in a different area each week, and just keep rotating? Wine/Beer/etc.

I find this city very boring if you don't know very many people or you are working alot then it does not help with that either.

I know there are alot of au-pair's on here, so maybe we could do a time that is suitable for everyone? Like 8/9pm? till whenever.

Just throwing this out there, as I need to start meeting people here and I figured by reading all of the new people posts that there are others like me.

Send me a message, or just reply here.

A little about me: I'm from the US. I can speak some Spanish, but I'm still on a retard level for French. People don't understand my accent when I speak in French or English so I like to point at things to get by here. I live in Ixelles, I moved here in May. I will be here for at least one year. I work fulltime as an analyst and I'm in my early/mid 20's. I have my own place, which definitely sucks for a social life and meeting new people but it is nice and quiet.

So do you know any Dutch at all Just with Brussels being 2 languages but you only mention french. As for meeting dates I actually live in Gent now but spend weekends around the Brussels Aera

I have not started with Dutch yet, as I mostly hear and use French here; but I will try Flemmish/Dutch once I can get conversational with French.

My remark, was more of a crass/sarcastic comment. I have a terrible sense of humor.

Yes, Gent is a decent train ride especially if we had meets at night. If you can only come on weekends, what time would be suitable for you?

Any really perhaps not to late as I hate driving in Brussles so I can get train back to Sint-Genesius-Rode

Tough crowd. Nobody else interested?

Dear Guys,

Let me know when and where as long as doable by train and I'll be there


This sounds like a good idea. 
The 'How to make friends...' topic is the most viewed on this forum so it's surprising how few people respond to actually meeting up! Come on people - join in :)

I travel quite frequently for work so can't really stick to dates easily but if you plan something I'll try to be there.


The next apero urbain (this friday) is in Bruxelles Les Bains if I understood well, it could be a good opportunity to organize a meet-up if the weather is ok.

Hey Jojoi!
This happend because for the most is not easy to meet new people in a new city :)
Let me know if you are going to do something at the weekend!
I am from Spain, 33, I´ve just landed in Brussel and I don´t know anybody.

You can count me in Mayo5, I usually head over to Brussels on a sunday afternoon to have a chill out over a Guinness or two.


Sure, I am in.

I live in ixelles as well and so far seems lots of people here are in this area.

How about start a ixelles weekend meet up?^^

Weekend without plan sucks....

So did anything come of this

...don't think so?

Hi Mayo,

I'm an belgian and I speak Dutch! So perfect if you want to learn dutch! Or if I want to improve my English -) I live in Brussels near the montgomery square. 


It is a shame so few meet up discussions much has happend

New to this forum but, quite honestly, July/August is a funny period of the year to organise any xpat meeting ... we are all far away from Brussels in a sunny place !

There's been plenty of talk about people meeting up for bevvies but nothing actually materialising, are all these organised events (or a lack of them) always like this on this forum? :lol:


The Heritage weekend is finally in town with lots of places open to public. If anyone wants to join a couple of us to visit these places let me know :)

A walk around the grand place is the plan for tonight and a couple of drinks :)


Hey yeah a lot of them fall through I have been to a couple on here and have meet one other person from gent after tring to orgise something on here myself

Ah well, not to worry! Just seems a shame these expat meet-ups don't happen when it would appear everyone is up for them.

I generally bump into other Brits when I pop into O'Reilly's or Churchills in Brussels, but they're usually just here on a visit and not expats.

Yeah I am the only British person were I live and have been the only Britsh AU Pair. I confused the city hall during my registration

I'd have thought there would be more than just one Brit living over in Gent?

Gent is in my neck of the woods, I've been there a couple of times and visited the Gravensteen and went on the boat trip etc but I haven't really explored the place that much.

Well I dont no about Gent centre but I live in Nazareth althought im not sure if theres a lot the lang class i take in the centure the teacher has only taught 2 people who are English in 11 years

Yeah, even i luv to party and drinks ...
lets know each other we could have some chats

[at]Vel_11- could you introduce yourself please? thank you

Count me in!!

Just let me know when and where :))

Maybe it's already too late to say this here but today we are going to la "nuit Blanche"! Does anyone want to go with us?

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