Next Expat blog meetup in Brussels 11/04 starting from 19:30

Hey everyone,

Following multiple requests to organise a meetup, I would like to suggest that we all meet for after-work drinks to get to know each other (seems that there is a bunch of new people, so this is a good opportunity).

Date: Thursday 11/04
Time: 19h30
Location: Cafe les Halles in St Gery, near Bourse metro.

I would be very grateful if you could confirm your attendance so that we may plan the number of tables accordingly. I will try to print some sheets with the expat-blog logo in order to make the group more identifiable.



I shall be there


Great idea,
i would have loved to be there but I'll be out of the country.
Please keep me posted for the next time.
Thank you and best regards.
Theodore Galariotis.


Sounds great, thanks for organizing, I'll be there.


I'll be there too

Yes I hope to be there.  Thanks Nikos for organizing this.

Count me in! :)

Merci de l'invitation, malheureusement je ne pourrais pas y aller.
Sûrement la prochaine fois.

Hello dear,
It's ok for me -> reservation: one


Looking forward to it :)

We ll be there;-) 2 people

See you there

I'm in!

nobody is creating meet ups in antwerp :(

Hello Nikos,

Good initiative! Thanks for organizing, I'll be there.


I'll be here! Along with another Expat friend :D

We will come.
see you there

I'll be there!


Thanks everyone for confirming your attendance! :)
We are expecting 30+ people tomorrow

I will be at the meeting spot as of 19:30 setting things in place and will stay for at least 3 hours (the meetup lasted until midnight the last time).

See you tomorrow then!

Please tell me how do we recognize us ?
the meeting will be Expat ?

I will put many tables side to side and then place of them papers with the logo.
You can't miss us! :)

hey guys! im totally new here, do you know each other even from the web or anyone could join you today:)?

Busy tonight, not sure I can arrive on time

Everyone is free to join of course! This event is for you guys, so you should definitely come if you want to meet new people :)

Ok, gotta go now ;p
Cya later all

What happened to the meet-ups at the Six Nations, Rugby Pub & Restaurant, Brussels, Bar, 48-50 Rue Grétry then?

Quite like their thursday night special offer, twelve chicken wings for the price of six!

Nom nom nom nom ;)

What a nice opportunity;' I am a little bit delayed with the posts ::)--
I hope to join next time ^^

There is a bar in Brussels called "LOFT" that organizes weekly expats meetings

Too bad... I'm busy on this day :( ...

Maybe another time?


awesome ! Count me in !

I'll b there. Thanks for the event.

It was in April 2013

hr52086 :

I'll b there. Thanks for the event.

That was a half year ago... :unsure

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