meeting new friends to go out in brussels

i am a swiss girl and i came to brussels for my studies in interior architecture.
i would like to meet new friends to go out, taste all the beers, to go to the cinema etc.
if you are interested in meeting other expats of any nationality, just write here ;)
see you soon;)

Welcome in our flat land
Bienvenue au plat pays
enfin pas si plat que cela
il suffit d'aller à Freyr près de Dinant pour s'en apercevoir
Superbe région pour y savourer d'excellentes bières
les trappistes
7 au monde pas une de plus

Welcome on DEJAEGHER & Eve H. :)

[at] Dehaegher - Can you use the English language in this Anglophone forum please, so that other members can understand!


how is it going Eve? I am also new here and willing to meet expats to have fun with because I have not meet much people here yet...

Grüezi Eve!

Well there are a bunch of expats including myself meeting up at the "Booze and Blues" tonight at 20:00.
Check out the website … ndar/list/


hello i would like to know new people also maybe we can chat one day regards

Hi All,

I recently moved to Brussel for work and looking to meet new people too to go out, taste the beers, have fun, travel or any sort of activity. I also love playing sport ( in Canada I play floor hockey, volleyball and baseball ) any ideas for me here ?

Hope to meet some of you,

Hi Val,

I play floor hockey every Tuesday night 8-9 at the VUB gym. The guys there are really cool and they've got extra sticks on hand if you don't have one. You can contact Sergio [at] innebandy.vub[at] if you need further info.



I am a 26year old female professional moving to brussels for a job...I would love to meet new people in order to have a life outside of work :)...I am a very easy going and fun person to be around...
Also I am looking for a studio or a flat to share preferably with one more person...please feel free to contact me anytime if you heard anything about a place to rent or to shate with someone...i'm planning to move around 20th march and would love to hear form you asap

Thanks very much and see you soon


Hi everybody...
and hallo Evelina

I'm simply going to Brussels on 19th of March with a friend for a week-end. We have found a very cheap fly by Ryanair so we decided to go... but we know nothing in this city...
The time is short so it would be fantastic if we could find someone to share the discovering of Brussels...
The idea is a little strange, but interesting...

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