Expat blog Meet-up in Brussels 7th Feb 2013

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I planned any events here but I'm still in Brussels and very happy to meet new people.

I notice that there are still lots of people that want to meet each other and make new friends so I suggest some after-work drinks.

Date: Thursday 7th Feb 
Time: 19h30
Location: Cafe les Halles in St Gery, near Bourse metro.

No problem if you can't be there on time, I will stay a few hours so just arrive whenever is convenient.  For those looking for food, I don't think they serve anything in the bar but there's a new Mamma Roma very near where you can buy pizza fast

I really look forward to meeting many of you.

Please reply if you are coming so I know who to expect on the day and give some details on how to find us.



I'm in!

Hi All,

Good idea ! Count me in :)
I am belgian and very happy to meet you all
See you there,


I will see if I can drag there a good bunch of fellas ;)


Great to hear some positive responses.  I'm really happy some of you can make it :)

A few people have told me they can't open the links. 
I suggest doing an internet search for "cafe des halles brussels" and for "mamma roma brussels". You should find the websites easily.

If you have any other problems or questions just let me know :)

hey guys!
I'll definitely try and be there too!
How do we recognize each other though?

Hello! Sounds great! I'll definitely be there! :-)

Hey!  I will also be coming... looking forward to meeting you all :)

sounds great! I will do my best to come! :)


For anyone wondering how to find us in the bar...... 
I will bring some things with me to identify that table is for Expat.com.  It should be easy :)

Thanks for your responses,

Cool, excellent initiative!
Count me in as well :)

I'm in :)

Catch u there..!!

Count me in as well =)

Hi everybody!

You can count me in too! ;-)

Great! i'm in too!!

Hello Expats,

I hope many of you are still able to join the meet-up this Thursday. I have reserved a table for us in the bar. There will be a sign to say it's the 'expat-blog' table so don't be shy to come and say hello.

Between the forum and emails have had responses form about 30 people that are interested in joining.  I know sometimes it's cold, and wet (or even snowing) and we're tired after work so I appreciate all the enthusiastic responses :) It's a great opportunity to meet new people and hopefully make some good friends.

Any questions or problems just let me know and I'll try to help you out. 

See you on Thursday!

I'm in ;-)
I'll come with some friends...

Hey!! I would be really happy to meet you there as well!!!

I'll be there and I bring friends too :)

Hi All,

This is my first month in Brussels and would love to meet some new people, so I will be there as well on Thursday! Really looking forward to meet you all, however it can be that I am somewhat later due to work.



awesome!  i will be there too.

see you tomorrow, guys!

I'll be there too with a friend :) Thanks for the invite !

Woops! looks like I discovered this website a day too late. I just moved to Brussels from the US, but I don't know anyone close by. How did the meetup go? I'll try to catch you next time.

It was great! Next time you'll have to be there! :)

Very nice initiative! hope we can repeat it anytime soon!

I had a really nice time! Anyone organizing something soon?? ;-)

I had a really good time too :)

It was really nice metting all of you !!! hope to see all of you again.

Just moved here yesterday from Liege, but wow i'm impressed by all the people who wanted to join, 'm really looking forward to the next meet.

Have a nice weekend.

It was great meeting you all, we should do that more often =)

Thanks again Joy for organizing this meeting! :)
It was very nice! To repeat! :)

What a great turnout!  Thank you for organising :) Hope to see you all again soon

Thanks Jo for the initiative, it was really nice :)

Anyone doing something tonight? I've been invited to a party if you want to join (I'll send you the details if you're interested). :-) Otherwise we can organize an expat meet-up soon again.

"Anyone doing something tonight? I've been invited to a party if you want to join (I'll send you the details if you're interested)....."

hi, please send me the details, thanx.       btw, i missed the last meet up, so really looking forward to the next

Sounds good!

Details would be appreciated

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that came to meet up last week. 

It was so great that many people were there, I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too!

I will definitely organise something again. If anyone has any suggestions for where to go let me know :)

Hopefully see you all again soon,

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