25 and just moved to Brussels!

Hi! My name is Diana, I'm 25 Australian and just moved to Brussels in search of work. I have a few friends here who are from Belgium but also looking for some other friends who would like to come out for a drink, possibly people who speak English as well. Any advice on where to live would be great to :)

Hi there,

I'm in the same situation, I don't know anybody in Brussels and it'd be cool to meet people to share some tips and good local beer.
Let me know if you're up to it. :)


Hi Diana!

My name is Olga, and i am moving to Brussels in September for studying. Also would like to make some friends before i am coming.
You got facebook?


My name is Emma and moved to Brussels three weeks ago. I do not know anybody here (except my boyfriend) and I am also looking for some new friends to go out for a drink etc with :)

Welcome to Brussels to all of you :)

Hi all,
             I would like to join you guys as well. I have been living in Brussels since 7 months, and I've gotten friends only from my job, then I'd like to meet more people.

Hi all!
I study in Brussels and when I'm back (around the 18th of september) I'd be happy to have a beer with you!
I need to improve my English since I'm going to do an internship Malawi next year, and as I like to meet people from different countries, it seems that this website is an ideal way to do both!



welcome to the life of adventures jungle ;;:/

Welcome Diana! I hope you'll like Brussels, this is a really kickass town and I'm also looking for peeps to go out with and enjoy life. :)

Hi Diana and everyone else ! I've been living here for 8 months now, I have some friends here but always happy to meet new people to hung out with! Hope you enjoy Brussels, I know that I do :)

Hey you all,
i guess somehow we are all in the same situation. What do you think of meeting up somewhere to get to know each other... I will be quite busy over the next week but will be back ready or a meet up in october... who wants to join - any ideas of places and time??

Hello you !

Do you still search for friends ? :-)

Hi there, new people.  I'm born Flemish Belgian, live around Louvain but could be meeting up when I'm in Brussels on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Love to meet any foreinger, but especially Greek ones because I would like to start learning the language.  After 16.00 could be possible, most easiest for me would be over noon-break around 13.00, easiest place to meet for me would be Muntplein/Place de la Monnaie, at the entrance of the Munt.Punt (Public Flemish library, well indicated and open building).
I can be contacted over mail, flemishmarc[at]yahoo.com, as I'm not reading blogs very regularly.  Please mention 'meeting Belgian' in subject, so I don't disregard your message as spam.  THX
Welcome to this small country with its many interesting and often strange things, from beers to politics...

I would be up for a meet up with you people! For me it would be best to meet on a weekend since I work during the week. Maybe for a coffee some place nice the first weekend of october? :)


I am registered Nurse and i am looking to move in Belgium  and need hepls.


What kind of help do you need?


Need the information about nursing and jobs in health care.
wage of the rent(Brussells,liege).


so guys,

are the drinks still going on, want to join!


Hello ,

I will not be able to join this weekend  - the one weekend that I am not in Brussels :) But another day I would love to join.
Have fun!

Hi all,
       I'd like to join you, but this Saturday I am leaving Brussels by few days, maybe if you are able we could go out to drink something this Friday.

Hello Diana, just a quick one to wish you a warm welcome here in sunny Europe. My name is Vincent, have lived in Britain where I got my masters in psychology and languages from Glasgow University. Currently living in Belgium and looking into opening my own business in Brussels (keep my fingers crossed). Haven't really had the chance to complete my profile but I would be more than happy to chat anytime. Hope you settled in all right + don't hesitate to contact if in need of infos about Brussels and surroundings.

All the best, keep in touch.


Hi Diana !   I would lové to befriend you !

Hi all,

Anyone keen for an afternoon meet this Sunday the 20th October? Meet and say hi and do that awkward are you that person from the internet thing while sampling some of Belgium's great beer would be the programme.


I would have loved to come on sunday . But i am meeting some classmates for à studio session :(

did any of this plans worked out in the end ? Either way if you or anyone in the same situation is willing to try again let´s do it !

Hi all

I have just moved to Brussels and am hoping to meet people for drinks/ dinner/ socialising. I am 25 and from Manchester originally but moved here 3 weeks ago from London and would love to start enjoying what Brussels has to offer!

Hi Hannahalexandra1,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

I am sure the members will be happy to share your friendship.

Have a nice day,

Expat.com Team

hey hello im in,i can join (if you want of course)

I moved to Brussels 3 months ago and so far my friends here are limited to my boyfriend and his friends, so would like to meet some new people! I just turned 25, at the moment i'm working as an au-pair, untill iI learn enough french to be able to work in other areas. So if anyone is up for coffee, drinks, ,movie, shopping.. let me know :)

Hi Elina, I am working here as a nanny and would also love to meet new people in the area. Would be happy to go for a coffee sometime if you let me know when your free xx

[at] elina Hannah and evangelos . Happy Friday ! If you guys want to , we could all meet each for a drink this weekend at a bar in brux  . Or we could push it back o next weekend . Are you in or out ? The last who answer is a rotten egg!

That would be nice!
Tomorrow I'm free, and on Sunday I have plans from 4pm but before that would be ok!

I'm also free tomorrow  :)

Hi everyone,

I have recently moved to Belgium from London and am hoping to meet some new people. If there is any group meetings being arranged on the weekends I would love to join xx

Hi guys. It looks like there are many expats looking for new friends in Belgium, and I am one of them as well! I have moved here already 10 months ago but, outside my working enviroment, I haven't really had any chance to get some friends here yet. Not sure if there is a community that meets regularly, but  I think that Brussel is a continual coming and going of expats and I'd really like to join any existing group, maybe for a coffee or a beer in the weekend. Let me know if anyone is interested.

if any plan gets really ever out of this thread Im still up for it!

Who wants to meet up on Thursday? ;)

Hey there party people  :P, just arrived in Brussels as well and looking to meet new people, do let me know if there's a meeting going on, thx.

Hello everyone, after having spent some time abroad I'm back in my home-town of Brussels.
Since I had the chance to meet wonderful people that introduced me to their local culture and friends, it is for me natural to have the same attitude :) So if you want to practice your language skills or just hangout, I'm in.

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