Hi! I'm Greek and new in Brussels! I'd like to make some friends!

Hi all!
My name is Kassie and I come from Syros/Greece! I recently came to live in Brussels to work as a volunteer in a global organisation for the care of handicap people.
I'm interested in finding greek people in Brussels, but generally I'm interested also in meeting new people regardless of their nationality! I'm looking for friends, so, if any of you is interested to meet with me, is free to contact.
I speak greek, english, french and some italian. I'm also looking for a second part time job for my free time in order to increase my pocket money.
Any suggestion that could bring me one step closer to finding this job is welcome!
Thank you!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Kassie and welcome to Expat.com!

Thanks for the introduction.;)

Do not hesitate to browse through the forum.

You're looking for a part-time job in which sector?
You may post an advert in Brussels classifieds.


Hi "Harmonie" and thank you for your post!

I do have several free hours during the week but they are devided. For exemple, I'm free every day from 12 o'clock midday until 4 o'clock in the afternoon and from 9 o'clock in the evening and on...I have day off every friday and I work for two weekends per month, but those are not standard (for exemple, It's not every second weekend)!

So, I was thinking maybe some private greek lessons to expatriates from other countries or some french lessons to greek expatriates! I think this would be the best for me, and I will also have good prises, like 5 or 7 euros/hour.

If not lessons, I was thinking of babysitting, as I have two baby siblings from my father's second marriage that I love and take care of with him since they were born.

Also, I could work in a cafeteria, or in any other decent store that would need assistance for one or two afternoons per week...

If you happen to notice anyone looking for something like what I'm asking for, please feel free to contact me! But I will post an advert in the "classifieds" section anyway :) !!

Thank you in advance!

Hello Kassie
I am from Greece and I live in the Neatherlads with my girlfriend but there is a case to move in Antwerpen around two monts from now and if yes I would like to contact you maybe for some privite lessons and maube if you meet us and like us to hang out sometime :)Good luck with work and i wish that you'll find something soon.


Hello Thanos,

It was nice to recieve your message, thank you! I hope that everying goes the way you want it and, if everything goes well, you move to Antverpen soon! Is it work the reason you want to move?

I would very much like to meet you both and maybe listen to your story over a coffee :)Thank you for your wish, I hope so too!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Hello Kassie,
I am also new in Belgium,
and looking for some friends here....so if you are interested we can talk, meet, etc....

let me know
have good day

Hi girls,

I am also new in Belgium and looking for a friends :)
I can shortly describe myself. My name is Laura, I am 24 years old and came to Belgium from Lithuania. I have an internship in Brussels for a year, so I will stay here for a while ;)
I am looking for friendly, open-minded and easy-going people who would like to go out, grab a beer or visit museum.
Looking forward from hearing from you ;)

i am from maldives..
moved to Brussels last month... my husband is working here.im 25yrs..
im looking for friends.....
would love to be ur friend :) thank u

Hi girls,

I am also new in Bruxelles and looking for new friends, doesn't matter nationality or age :-)
[color=#4C0C6D]My name is Chiara, italian, 34 years old. I followed here my boyfriend and now I'm looking for a job, intentioned to stay here for a long time 'cause I love this town...
Well, I'm looking for friendly, and easy-going people: let's keep in touch if you want to go out, have a drink, or simply...enjoy the town! 
Hoping to see you soon:)

Hi girls...
  My name is Ono im in the same situation of you...i am new without friends :S  if any of you would like to go out for a walk,museum,dinner or just for a beer im availabe lets try to take some of our time to enjoy and meet new people,knowing that its not easy (or at least for me) to make friends in this cold  and beautiful country.If any of you feel like please let me know...
facebook name: Ono Vnzla
feliz dia para todos!

Hi everyone !
Not new in town but always interested in meeting new people. I would suggest to organise a drink after office hours in Place du Luxembourg one of these days. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Hai everyone,

my name is Maria,im 21 years old.. i just moved a few days ago from Amsterdam to Brussel.. I would like to meet some people here.. to explore the city and get to know al kinds of places ( restaurants, bars, lounges, shopping etc..) im a openminded girl who loves to have fun.

send me a pm if ur interested of beeing my friend!


Hi, I'm a bit longer here but also interested to meet new people. Some friends are moving away or are still away, so I don'T have much friends left and would like to meet interesting nww people. Don't hasitate to write me.

Hello everyone. I am new in Belgium as well and I am currently living in antwerp. I would like to make new friends. I am currently unemployed, so alot of free time at home, watching a movie and of course trying to make new friends as well. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me. I also would like to ask: can anyone ehere recommend me for any kind of work? I mean: I am seriously looking for a job but my Dutch isnt that good yet. So for example Dear Metaxenia, could you please tell me what are the possibilities to work in that international organization for handcap people? Can anyone help? Will be very kind of you. Greetings...

Hi everyone....
This invite is for everyone to attend a meeting at Mappa Mundo near Bourse at 19.30 on Friday 15th June. The plan will be to meet for drinks and then see where the night takes us ;-)
This will give all of the new members of the group a chance to meet up with everyone as well as the 'old timers' a chance to catch up and meet more new people :-)
Please advise if you are able to make it so we can keep track of who is coming....
Looking forward to meeting you all there

[at]Miroelsilent: It would be much easier if you could write down the address!

dam  thsi friday I'm in Germany but next week friday no problem lets keep in touch I will join ;-)

Picas, hi!

We can talk during the meeting at Mappa Mundo near Bourse at 19.30 on Friday 15th June, cuz I see that you are interested to attend, and I am too. The meeting will take place, right? If it gets cancelled (I hope not), I can send you a message with some infos about how to get a job here. See you all on Friday!

Hello Metaxenia, - can you give me address of Mappa Mundo Bourse? Never been there! Well, I am not even sure if I am attending it on friday. So maybe I would appreciate if you could send me some info about the work by email and if we come to meet in real, we can still talk about it. My email is: Sam.sam27 at yahoo dot com

A map would be great, and count me in for tomorrow

Hi can we meet tomorrow ?

Hi Kassie, I am not from your place but i read tat you are in an organization to help handicap people i just wish to know about how you joined how it works etc. if possible please replay.

Thank you

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