Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

Perfect, thanks again I really appreciate it! I’ll make sure to update how the process is going. I might have some time to fix up paperwork before I head off - wish me luck :)

Texanbrazil :

abthree has given great advice. Be prepared. It takes longer if you do not have a document(s) and having to wait for such from home country.
Also have your history of how you met and when for the interview(s). Get a cell number in brazil and have the bill sent to the residence you two will be living and it can serve as the requirement of having a proof of address in Brazil.
The protocol does allow you to stay and wait for approval.
Good luck and best wishes.

Tex, can you elaborate on this sentence "The protocol does allow you to stay and wait for approval."
Do you mean to say that there is a way for me to be allowed to stay in Brazil while we wait for the approval of my permanent residency visa? I really would like to know how this is possible, as it makes all the difference in my situation. Thank you so much.

Yes once the protocol is issued and all documents have been submitted, you are able to stay until the CRNM is issued. Now keep checking as to the process. Once in awhile it has been sent to Brasilia and Brasilia may need something additional. Our PF office was very nice and knew me and did a check online and would say, it is ok or have in the system what is required.  (yes I had to wait in line each time).There was an online site (PF will give it to you or printed on protocol to check the process, but many times not updated, so best to check)
You can travel on a protocol, some have had issues returning into BR with just a protocol at the check-in on international flights unless visa (number of days) remains valid.
Check-in does not know all countries immigration systems.

Tex, thanks so much for your reply! You are so informative and helpful.
I do still have one question though - what is the protocolo that you are referring to? How do I get this protocol after getting married in Brazil?

My fiance is also going down to our local cartorio (he is in Brasilia) today or this week to gather information on how I can stay even when my tourist visa runs out.

Sorry the protocol is for a permanent residence. Since not married, can not apply only after marriage to a BR citizen.
Most anything you do at the PF gets a protocol #. Small slip of paper which you need to keep safe.

Tex, you're brilliant; thanks again. Makes perfect sense now.

If any Americans in the thread can let me know how they obtained their Certified Criminal Background Check from the FBI, (which I will need for the VIPER Permanent Visa) that would be immensely helpful. I'm having some trouble finding this info through search engines and the search feature on the forum.

FBI has online site to fill out. Need to be finger printed on official paper an sent to FBI.
For some reason (guess being in BR, I can not go to FBI site. There are 3rd parties that do this.
Never used this company.    This site would not open for me. I was able to have PF print me and send over night to FBI.

Not sure but have read FBI checks may nor be needed under new law...I will "bump" to some one who may know


Are you currently in the US, or in Brazil?  It makes a huge difference for getting the right advice.

Tex, thank you so much! This helps loads. The check has to be Apostilled as well, right?

Ab, I'm currently still residing in the United States.

And yes, if anyone can elaborate on whether the certified FBI check is still needed currently in 2019 for VIPER, that would be so helpful. I am having a hard time finding this kind of info.

kittybiscuits :

Tex, thank you so much! This helps loads. The check has to be Apostilled as well, right?

Ab, I'm currently still residing in the United States.

And yes, if anyone can elaborate on whether the certified FBI check is still needed currently in 2019 for VIPER, that would be so helpful. I am having a hard time finding this kind of info.

That's great -- it will make getting your documents together so much easier and less expensive, although still not cheap!
First, let's get our terms straight:
-- a VISA is authorization to present oneself at a port of entry to request admission to Brazil.  It's issued outside Brazil by the Foreign Ministry.  Once you're admitted to the country, the visa has done its work.
-- Authorization of Residence is what its name implies.  It's issued by the Justice Ministry, through the Federal Police.  This is what you'll be applying for after your wedding.
-- VIPER was the Visa for Permanent Residency.  It was a visa that required the Federal Police to issue an Authorization of Residence to the holder.  It was abolished in the May 2017 rewrite of the immigration laws, and no additional ones were issued after November of that year, or will be.  You'll be admitted to Brazil on a temporary visa -- either the visa-free tourist authorization or a VITEM XI -- and apply to the Federal Police for Authorization of Residence after you're married.
To your questions:
1. You will definitely need your FBI Background Check.  I strongly recommend using a FBI Authorized Channeler:  they provide one to two day turnaround, while the FBI itself can take two to three months, and during  most of that time, can't even tell you where you are in queue.  I've worked with Accurate Biometrics ( and found them excellent.  If you'd be more comfortable with someone nearby, the full list of Authorized Channellers is here: … ubmissions
An Authorized Channeller should be able to provide both a hard copy and an electronic copy of your background check:  be sure to order both. 
2. You will need to have an apostille for your background check.  Federal documents receive apostilles from the Department of State in Washington; state and local documents, as well as documents notarized under state authority, receive apostilles from the particular state where they were issued.  The Federal Government does not issue apostilles for state documents, and vice versa.
To get an apostille on my background check, I worked with National Apostille Inc. --  I sent them the electronic version that I received from Accurate Biometrics, and they returned a hard copy with the State Department apostille.
3.  You need to time your background check carefully, because the Federal Police may reject it if it's over 90 days old when you present it.  So, for example, if your plan is to go to Brazil on January 1, 2020, get married on January 15, and start the application process with the Federal Police on January 20, you need your background check to be dated AFTER October 20, 2019.  This is easy to do with an Authorized Channeller.
4. The state apostille routines for Georgia, unfortunately, are a little more complicated than for most states.  To understand the ins and the outs, contact them here:
Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority
Notary Division
1875 Century Boulevard, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: (404)327-6023

Email: notary[at]

For other states, google "Apostille (state name)"
5. All English-language documents you present to the Federal Police must, by law, be translated into Portuguese by a Sworn Translator, authorized by the Junta Comercial of a Brazilian state.  I've had very good luck with Fidelity (, which operates nationwide, is low cost,  and exchanges documents electronically.  You can probably also find one in your fiancé's hometown by googling "Traduções Juramentadas".  Don't try to save money by having just anyone translate your documents:  the translations will be rejected.
Any more questions, just ask.  Best of luck to you!

Ab, you're my hero for typing this all out. Thank you, thank you, thank you e milhoes obrigadas.

My fiance went to the local cartorio where everything will be taking place, and was told that I need to have an affidavit of my right to marry/single status. Which I was already aware of, and had read that you can obtain this at the US Consulate (by appointment of course).
However, and I'm not sure if my fiance misunderstood, but he said that they told him this affidavit needs to be Apostilled. That kinda has me a bit confused, as I had been under the impression that this is a document I would obtain AFTER entering Brazil to begin the marriage process.
My honey is gonna contact the US Consulate in Brasilia to try and clear this up, and/or go back to the cartorio, but if anyone can shed some light on this issue, we'd be so grateful. The Brazilian Consulate nearest me (Atlanta, 5hrs away) doesn't seem to answer calls and I can't find info about marriage or the single status affidavit on their website, either.

And I promise to stop hogging the thread!!!! Lol. Although I do hope that my questions and the responses posted by you lovely folks can be of use to someone else in the future as well.

Thanks again everyone!

No problem, Kate -- I type fast.  :cool:   And I hope that the answers will be useful to others, too.
Your fiancé should definitely check with the cartório again.  It's my understanding that you should be able to execute the affidavit right there at the cartório, prior to your marriage and after your arrival in Brazil.
Is he by any chance using Cartório Marcelo Ribas, in Venâncio Shopping?  I believe that this is the cartório in the DF with the most experience with marriages to  foreigners.  It may be worth double checking requirements with them.

To give you an idea of the content of the affidavit, this is what the one used by the Brazilian Consulate General in Atlanta looks like: … ostila.pdf

This is used in conjunction with registering a marriage performed in the US (it appears in the Portuguese language "Registro de Casamento" section on their website, which is why you couldn't find it):  I don't know whether they would issue one in your case, or just tell you to do it at the cartório in Brazil.  You can ask them whether the Consulate General is willing to issue just an affidavit for you for use in Brazil by emailing them at this address:  registro.atlanta[at]

Hi james , Hope you are well i was reading all your post ... My name is Mashi from india i’m getting married on 25 october 2019 .. i would you like to know about all process after marriage and applying permanent residence , How long does its goes for processing for permanent residence visa .. please share here


Mashi. We lost our dear friend James a few years ago. As to CRNM timing, after you marry register such with cartório.
Have all your documents from your home country, which has been translated and Apostille an app wit the PF office near you. This takes time and money, so be prepared.
If you have done this, approved and protocol issued. "Wait time", all depends on backlog at your PF and Brasilia. From 3 months to 6 months.
New husband can get a check list from PF.

I'm going to jump in here and add to what Texanbrazil said: You might get lucky like I did and have the processing time take as little as 30 days, unless that's changed in the 2 years since I got married here in Brazil.

For Kate: If you've been married and divorced in the US, you can obtain your divorce decree, have it apostilled by the state of issue, and have that translated by a "sworn translator" here or there.

Oi Mike. You were lucky. It was my first learning as to waiting in Brazil!!!

Thank you texanbrazil ... That is very sad to hear
Texan i done everythings now .. my marriage date is on 25 october 2019 So my question once i get married if i submit all documents at federal police how long they will take to issue permanent residence card ... And do you have any idea about home visit from immigration officer ?

It can take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months for them to get you your card but they will give you a receipt/document when you make your application.

Edit: I received my card just over 2 years ago and have never had a home visit.

Mummy, as mentioned all depends on the back log of PF. There should be a web site on your protocol and track progress after you submit all documents and accepted by the PF.
It is my understanding as of end of 2017 (when new immigration laws passed) there is no visit by PF. As Mike said, yes they came to the house as the final step, but that was over 6 years ago. The were very nice and help me and answered questions as DL, bank accounts and things'
Great news as to having everything done, wish you a happy marriage.

Mike Thank you very much for rplying ..

Texanbrazil i really appreciate you thank you

My pleasure. I just hope I was helpful in some small way.

Mike where are you from  ? And another question mike once i got married and submit all documents then getting protocol after i have to go india because i have business there so i need sort out everythings .. That is why worried that processing for permanent residence .. If its get early that’s better for me

Mummy once you are approved and given the protocol it allows you to and travel and return into Brasil.
That said many airlines check in counters do not know immigration laws of Brasil an may insist n seeing your visa or return. (Not many know what a protocol is). Also I would not stay too long as there may be follow up questions or when CRNM is sent to the PF a slight chance they may see you as "out of the country".
I traveled on the protocol, but just or vacation and back in 10 days. No issue entering Brasil on the protocol.

I'm originally from North-Central California-San Jose, Mummy.

From what my PF interviewer told me, as long as you have the protocolo in your possession when you leave and re-enter Brazil, you should be fine.

Thanks Texanbrazil and mike ... Can you please tell me Which pf is better for me for .. I have seen on google one is polica  Federal and another one is  center for immigration police  DPF ?

It will be the Immigration Section of the Policía Federal.

You mean center of immigration police DPF ?

I have not been to all PF buildings but they normally have an area in the building for visas,
Just walk in and ask

See the "Lista de Circunscrição da Polícia Federal" for your state and municipality on this page: … strangeiro
Or call, or ask your fiancée to call the local Polícia Federal number and ask where you should go.

Ljd :


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Could you give more advice on getting married in Argentina? I want to know if it’s a viable option then doing it in brazier

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