Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

For my wife's tourist visa applications we had her attending business & computer classes, we opened a small restaurant, and even had a friend transfer his house and property into her name. Basically we did everything they told her in the first interview would be seen as strong and virtually unbreakable ties to Brazil. Oh. Almost forgot. We also paid to move her daughter's family from Recife down here to Bertioga so we could honestly claim strong family ties as well.

Hey Greg,
Sounds like you have a good grip on the things that you have to do and are doing these things correctly. I want you and any other person who may read a post where I give advice that the information and advice I give Is Based Soley Upon my Personal experience with the issue.
1) Good idea on saving the Criminal Records Check (AND YES SIR, IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE THIS IN ORDER TO PROCESS YOUR PERMANENT RESIDENCY) for last because when you Apply for your CRNM here due to marriage  of a Brazillian. They Require this Criminal certificate, and Has to be issued Within Last 90 Days prior to the application. The Criminal Report has to be Obtained from Federal Government (in your case, the F.B.I.). And yes Obtain an Apostille for it by  U.S. Sec of State. After it has proper Apostille, TAKE IT to local Brazilian Consulate and have them Also Verify and Certify the document. On the back of it, they will Affix their Seal and Sign that the document(s) is True and Legal.
2) If You are looking to get a copy of your passport Notarized, Just Do that Here in Brasil! Very easily done for about 30 Real. Make copies of the passport and any other documents you want to notarize, Take them Along with the Orginals to a Notary Here and Have the local, Brazilian Notary do it. It will be better in long run as the Brazilian Notary Will Always be Accepted and Never Questioned as to its Legality! Nor will you have to have it Translated!
3) Same advice for the Statement of Never being Married...If you do it in P.A, the only thing that the state can give would be maybe and I stress Maybe a Statement that says your Not Currently married in the State of Pennsylvania (because each state is in charge of recording marriages within their own state and No Other State as well as then it goes further down the Line because each County Issues and Records Marriages and Divorces that occurred Solely within their county) If you do this, have the State affix an Apostille and this is done at te Sec of State of Pennsylvania. Again take that Statement after you have Apostille to the Brazilian Consulate and have them Verify and Certify the document as True and Legal. I would Have your Fiance Ask the local Cartario if a Notarized Statement Done in Brasil is Acceptable because it will be much easier for you if it is....
I Would Wait to Go to Brasil Consulate Until you have ALL the Documents you Need for them to Certify and Take All of them at Same Time!
You May Have to Have some of these Documents Translated into Portuguese After You Arrive and Submit them to Various Agencies.
You can Ask the Brazilian Consulate if they Offer this service when you take Documents to them for Verification And Certification. They will tell you what to do if they offer it and if not, it is very easy to have these Documents Translated by Someone here who is Legally Able, I had all my Documents Translated by a Company in Salvador who was Recommended by and Accepted by Brazilian The government
As Official and Certified Transcribe Service 4) Obtain a C.P.F. When you Arrive As it is Needed For Even a simple Transaction such as Buying a Cell Phone, a TV, or setting up Any type of Account such as Internet service, An Abolute Necessary Document needed for every day life here in Brasil but is By far the Easiest to Obtain!
It is Brasils Version of a SSN. And Easily Obtained for about 10 Real. All you need to obtain it is Your Passport, pay the 10 Real and they Issue it On the Spot. Pay the Fee at local Post office (Correos) and take reciept to local tax office who will Issue you C.P.F.
Also, Do Not Bank on any Brazilian Cartario or any other official "Working Around" the Laws in regards to Marriage. And it takes approx SIX Months in Order to Go thru the Beurocratic Process of Submitting Paperwork and having it Approved and then Obtaining a Wedding date, and being a foreigner makes it More difficult because of the Paperwork being submitted on Your behalf, alot will be in English and these political appointees here are horrible slow to begin with and are even worse when it come to processing things that they dont have knowledge about such as Foreign documents.

If You Want to Speed Up the Marriage Process and Legally get Married WITHIN ONE MONTH AS I did with My Brazillian wife, TAKE YOUR BRIDE TO ARGENTINA AND GET MARRIED THERE! It is A Simple Process and Takes only a few Weeks!
Alana and I Are Coming up on our One Year Anniversary. Was Much, Much easier (and basically All You Need Is Your Passport, that's Right Your Passport). Bring back the marriage license to Brasil and File it here and recieve a Brazillian Document that Recognizes and Legalizes your marriage. We recieved this Document from Cartario 2 Days After we submitted the Documents to Him.
And I Just Recieved my CRNM (Was a Five Month Processing Time)
I will be happy to answer any question you have about this or anything else....
Sorry for the Book, but I wanted to give proper info
Best wishes, Good Luck

Hi Lawrence!
I just joined tonight and was glad I saw your post. Can you please message me and give more specific details on the process you and your wife went through to be married?
I am moving to Brazil next week, May 16. Excited, but dreading the bureaucratic process to be married to my Brazillian fiancé.

Thanks so much!!

Hey Paul,
Wow! Very Best Wishes to your Fiance and yourself, that is great.....
Ok, here goes me answering your question, will be kinda long hahaha
I will be brief about it here and send you a friend request where we can exchange emails and phone number in order to be more specific about certain names and phone numbers I may reccomend as well as not having a crazy long response here...
Firstly as anyone with Any Knowledge of Brasil and their laws, especially laws about marriage will tell you that to Get Legally married here Requires Federal Government Permission! And it is the Government and Only the government that can legally Marry Two People (Church weddings here Are Always Secondary for Religious purposes Only and Have Absolutely No Legal Validity) With that said in order to obtain the permission it takes Upwards of Six Months to do this and to Recieve a Marriage Date! And all the paperwork they want is outrageous and you will probably find yourself having to get documents from home you dont have and then get the documents Notarized or with an Apostille and Legally Translated....
Which may Seriously make life Hard on you and Fiancee. Also remember that if you come on a Visitor Visa the Visa is only good for 3 months and may be extended for another 3 months and if you are here after the Visa expires and you remain here even though you know you will pay the fine for this at 100 real a day, you are still Illegally here, and the Government WILL NOT MARRY YOU....
So anyway now Onto Argentina. Their Law for Marriage is Simple! All one needs to be married there is a Passport (avoiding a the bullshot documents Brasil requires), Just Your Passport. You can set up an appointment Online with the Ministers Office that Preforms Marriages even before you leave to go to Argentina! Go to the Appointment, fill out their Application, pay their Fees wich are quite reasonable, they then make you go get a Blood test at a hospital that they direct you to For Free by the way and send a Government approved Agent to your hotel or short term apt you are staying to look at it and you and your belongings to proove you are indeed staying at the address you list on Application....that it and then you get Married a Couple Weeks Later Legally and Legally Recognized by Brasil or any other Country in the Civilized world! There are a couple more things you must do if you dont speak Spanish, but it All is Very Easy! I have Names and Numbers of all the people and agencies you may need to include a Government Official who will Translate for you and help with the filing of Documents in order to bring home to Brasil to Take to Cartario to recieve your Brasil Certificate of Marriage! And then when you have the Brasil Marriage Certificate you Can Apply for Your Family Reunion Visa and CRTM (Permanent RESIDENCY).....All Straight Forward, Simple and Fun actually....You Get to Become a Argentina Resident if only for a few weeks and see their Country!

Thank you for this information and good advice.

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