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My wife is from Brazil we got married in October in the USA in January she went back to Brazil to tie up some loose ends I am going down in July for 2 weeks and she is coming back with me we only have a one way ticket for her and the marriage license are we going to encounter problems returning to the US with her

Lcarp. Does she have a green card or just a tourist visa? You might find out that a round trip ticket will be cheaper. It all depends on the airline as far as her ticket. They may not allow it.



If your wife has a valid tourist visa, that's all she needs.  Showing a marriage certificate to Immigration while presenting a tourist visa may just confuse matters.  If you're planning on staying in the US indefinitely, your safest bet at this point is probably to bring her in on her tourist visa, then apply immediately to change her status, based on your marriage.
As Jim says, whether or not the airline will allow her to board with a one-way ticket is an airline policy call, based on the fact that, if they fly someone to the US and that person is refused admission, they're on the hook for the return flight.  A call to the airline should settle it for you.

Her sister and brother-in-law in Brazil bought the tickets as a wedding present

The reason I ask is they always ask for a two-way ticket at immigration

Lcarp1551 :

The reason I ask is they always ask for a two-way ticket at immigration

My Brazilian husband has never  been asked that by Immigration in Miami.  We live in  Brazil, though, and always have round-trip tickets, so they may already be able to see that in their system.

If she always gets asked at your usual port of entry, then it sounds like you'll want to have the "right" answer.  You can always change the return for a credit on an open ticket later.

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