What is the Proxy Marriage process in Brazil

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I am an Indian, I am engaged with one Brazilian girl, Now we have decided to get married, Can you please let me know the process of Proxy Marriage. Is it valid as per Brazil Law?.

Yes, a proxy marriage (casamento por procuração) is valid by Brazilian law. However you must both attend the Cartório de Registro Civil together in order to arrange a proxy marriage and name your proxy. Also you need to provide all of the necessary documents that are required for any foreign national marrying in Brazil.

So, in order to marry by proxy you must first obtain a visa and be in Brazil to arrange it, you must both go to the Cartório, and you must have the right documents. The Power of Attorney (Procuração Publico) would be valid for 90 days.

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Hi good evening every one.
I have completed my documents for proxy marriage now we are couple in Brazil cartorio now how's I apply visa explain me some 1 please

Your information is difficult to understand. Have you completed the paperwork for the proxy marriage or has the marriage actually taken place. You cannot apply for a viper until the marriage actually happens.


What is the meaning of a proxy marriage if there first a foreigner will have to obtain a  Visa and then first will have to notify at the civil registry office and name a proxy, How come, a foreigner would not prefer to simply get married by civil marriage if he would just have to come to the Brazil by Visa. I find your answer very illogical or you are just speaking without any exact information at all.
I suppose that if it is allowed then a single partner is enough to register after collecting all the valid documents, right from apostle  Power of attorney to all the Valid and proper documents needed from the other partner's country, Power of attorney proper attested and all valid documents checked from the Brazilian Embassy in the partner country?
Is there anybody else who can give more proper answer regarding this ?

You have been given the proper answer. Both parties have to be present at the Cartório to arrange for the proxy marriage. The purpose of the proxy marriage is to obtain someone to stand in for the half of the couple who cannot be present. you are correct if you have to be here to arrange it you may as well just do the civil ceremony.



This is Rashed. From bangladesh

I want marry with my girlfriend and she is Brazilian citizen.  But Unfortunately I can't get any visa to visit that country. Also she proposed me for marriage through online. She  will then send me a family invitation letter as a husband. But I like to know This process will work to obtain visas and travel abroad in brazil or any solution This way.

I personally would be greatly benefited to know this one

Than you,

Proxy marriage is NOT for people who have never been in Brazil. You have to be in Brazil, go to the Cartório with your intended spouse and arrange a proxy marriage together and sign all the documents.

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10/25/22 @Rashed.  As Texanbrazil wrote, proxy marriages are EXPLICITLY excluded by Brazilian law as a basis for a family unification visa for Brazil.  Even if you and your financèe have one, it will not get you to Brazil.

As I see it, you have two options, assuming that both of you are single and able to marry under the laws of both countries:

  1. Your fiancée can join you in Bangladesh, and you can get married there, under Bangladeshi law. You would then register you marriage at the Brazilian Embassy in Dhaka, and the two of you could then request a VITEM XI visa for you to return to Brazil with her.  On your arrival in Brazil, you would have to register your marriage at a Brazilian cartório -- a notary office -- and you would have to register as a resident with the Brazilian Federal Police.
  2. Your fiancée can send you an invitation letter acceptable to the Brazilian Embassy in Dhaka to issue you a visitor visa (VIVIS) for Brazil.  As soon as possible after your arrival in Brazil, you two would get married in a cartório.  Once you had your Brazilian Marriage Certificate, you could apply to the Federal Police for residency.

Either of these options will require extensive documentation from both of you, so whichever one of you ends up traveling to the other, that person needs to be SURE that s/he has all of the required documents.  Bangladesh is not a party to the Apostille Convention, so all of your documents will need to legalized at the Brazilian Embassy in Dhaka for use in Brazil, and, if your fiancée travels to Bangladesh to marry you, all of her documents will need to be legalized at the Bangladeshi Embassy in Brasília, so you'll need to leave plenty of time for these formalities.

For my marriage to my fiancé who is in brazil , i have my original certified divorce decree and old marriage license, as well as my original birth certificate and proof of residency which is notarized

i realize my record of status will need to be renewed again all the documents are certified but older then six months,

i know i will have to have them all apostilled ,   My question is will the burth certificate also have to be a new one again? Fir civil registry , makes sense that it should be good still ebpven though i need to have appostilled.  Please give any guidance on this thx

To marry in brazil will my original divorce decree and birth certificate be ok , they are certified. I know they need to be apostilled thanks and guidence appreciated

01/16/23 @danieldemetris.  The documents sound about right.  You will need the Marriage Certificate from your previous marriage, not just the license, if they are different.  All of your US documents will need to be translated by a Sworn Translator, who is a specially appointed official, here in Brazil. 

I do not understand this sentence; could you please clarify:  "Fir civil registry , makes sense that it should be good still ebpven"?

Be aware that there is normally a waiting period of up to 30 days between the request for a marriage license and issuance of the license by the cartório.  Your fiancé should find out from the cartório in advance what their requirements are.