Can i bring food to Brazil.


I am travelling to Sao Paulo this week. Unfortunately, I will be in Barurei and it will hard to find halal restaurent however I have confirmed about some Lebanese restaurant in Downtown are in SP city.

I would like to confirm if i can bring some halal food in tin packaging to Brazil.


Hi Faizan,

Don't worry you will find halal restaurants in a bairro (neighborhood) called Pari in São Paulo. There are a number of halal certified restaurants and butcher shops in the Pari . If you are looking for the area on the map it is directly across the Rio Tietê from Marte Air Base. The two butcher shops that I could find are Abu Ali, Rua Barão de Ladário, 927 , tel. 3227-3535 and Zellaya, Rua Rodrigues dos Santos, 687, tel. 3326-8451.

As far as halal foods you can by them in most supermarkets check the link below for the brands to look for when you're in the supermarket.

Regarding bringing foods into the country you would be advised NOT to do so, most of it will get confiscated and can cause you problems on arrival.

You can find out other information by reading the following topic posting too:

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Hi Sir.

Thanks for the information. I have arrived here and will be calling them today.


yes, i have tried bringing some indian spices and other food items to brazil

hezron087 wrote:

yes, i have tried bringing some indian spices and other food items to brazil

Could you please share your experience with us? Were the products you tried to bring into Brazil confiscated by Customs or were you allowed to bring them in without many problems?

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

I have bought ghee, spices like chilli powder, chips, coriander powder and pickles.. I did not have any problems at the airport

That's good to know for future reference.

Did you carry them in your SUITCASE, for example, hidden between and under your clothes? OR did you package and carry all the food items SEPARATELY, like all in ONE container or bag, making them readily available and visible to CUSTOMS?

I kept it between the clothes but i actually didnt hide it. If you know what i mean.

Yes, I know what you mean. You packed them with the clothes for convenience's sake but not becsause you were necessarily "hiding" it.

But I guess my question then is, did Customs check your luggage and SEE the food items? Or did they not go through your suitcases? My reasoning being that I just want to know if you got it through Customs because they didn'T SEE it, OR because they SAW it and were OK with it. If now YOU know what I mean. :)

I beleive they checked it because my bags were locked, when i reached sao paulo guarulhos airport the lock was not there. it disappeared.. so i beleived they broke the lock to check the things i bought. but i did not lose anything from the bag. except the lock went missing

Gotcha! THANK YOU for your replies. And all that is good to know.

your welcome

Bring what you would like for eating. Make sure that you carry packed food. It would be very good in tinned cans as they have specification of the product and are sealed.
Dont be scared grab what you like to bring. Its unlikely that you would loose the material or will be fined.

the flights to US i guess are particular  of what you carry.

Carrying pickels, Daals are common for brazil travel

kind regards