Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

It say that it is "Remetido" - does that mean it is ready ? -
if so, then it was very fast.

Sometimes it does go fast.  Mine came back in a month.  That's like hitting the lottery:   some do, most don't .

Hello good morning to all house. Please i am planning of coming to Brazil next month with 3 months visa . what its my chance to live more than the 3 months. And how can i get a job ?

I do not recommend overstaying the tourist visa. Large fines and possible deportation.

Thanks for the clarification . now i understand better.

Brasilian employment laws are pretty strict. I would also suggest you research them.  Potential employers need to prove your skillset is not readily available, plus they need to do a mountain of paperwork to hire you.  Under the table jobs are available but also very risky.  Those jobs can get you deported.

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