Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required


Sorry to inform you that James passed away and no longer with us. Yes, you will qualify
for permanent residency being married to a Brazilian citizen. You should register your
marriage at the nearest Brazilian consulate or embassy as a first step. You will then qualify for a temporary visa to come to Brazil and complete your CRNM processing for permanent residency. You will need criminal background check for the last 5 years and other documents. Please go to the Policia Federal website to see the complete list of documents required.


Hi Robal,
Sorry to hear that, May God rest him in peace.
Thank you for your response. Once I register my marriage at  Brazilian consulate or embassy How long should I wait to apply for temporary visa?
   Thank you very much in advance


As soon as possible with the same consulate.

Hakimmo it is possible. As to timing it takes awhile and now PF and many consulates are not processing, except for emergency.
You asked same question for Sweden. Are you in there?
You will need many documents translated and legalized and the Federal background check(s) from the last 5 years as Robal stated and link given.
Visa can be issued on a temp basis, but PF here in Brazil has the final say.

Hi Robal,
Do you mean I can get  temporary visa immediately in Brazilian consulate or embassy first Once I register my marriage at  Brazilian consulate or embassy?

Register your marriage first and then apply for the temporary visa to come to Brazil to
process your permanency. They will supply the forms to fill up. Good luck.

Yes, register the marriage with the BR consulate.
Now be sure you can apply for a "Third Country National" visa.
Meaning if you hold a Libya passport and in Panama, be sure the BR Consulate allows such.
Not sure about this so do some checking.

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