Hello! I'm looking to meet English speakers to share friendly chat

I m a french woman living in the south of France, but it's not really a very exciting place. I have worked 13 years in Brussels for a French Dubbing Company and I come back to Brussels in October to improve my English to be able to find a new job.
I like talking in English, but my level is not enough to find a good job, so could you help me, to have friendly discussions on skype before my move, it would be wonderful. I can help you to learn French too. I'm very sociable, helpful, and reliable.
I would like to organise group activities until October to go to the cinema,theatre, drinks or dinners, or at the weekends go to mini trip in Belgium. What do you think about it. I'm looking forward to read your answers . Have an excellent day.

Hello Marianne

you need to post in the English part of the forum, just click on the Union flag at the top right of the page.

Another place to post is to join "Brussels Expats" group on Faceboook, there you have an audience of over 7000 members.

Hello Marianne.

You can try to post an advert in the Community section (Language Exchange) in the Brussels classifieds. It can help. :)

Thank you,

Marianne, The South of France may not be exciting but it's a beautful part of the world.

Good luck with the move to Brussels this October! ;)

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