Does anyone work in the Finance Industry in Mauritius


Does anyone work for in the Financial Sector in Port Louis? Or does anyone know what the top Financial companies in Mauritius?

Hi Kurt,

I actually found a job in Port Louis within the finance sector.

I just wanted to know their general ethic and if it this particular industry is thriving in Mauritius and what the average slary is for someone within this industry.


i dealt with someone in a top private bank in port lois that was extremely helpful and efficent (he specialises in private and corporate banking)if you would like his details (he is also an expat)please contact me and i will gladly give them to you.

Hi Talitha,

That would be great. You can mail me his details at ***


Hi there,

I have dealt with Mitco in Port Louis, they are very well established with strong local and international ties in the finance sector.

Depending on what you are enquiring about, it may be worth your cause to contact management at Mitco.

the top financial companies are:
offshore section: _1. SGG Mauritius (formerly known as CIM Global Business)
2. Internatioal Continental Trust
3 . IFS
4. Trident

I know many financial and offshore companies.Contact me for any help..I can see my friends working there.

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