The news at a glance: France closes its borders with Mauritius

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Published on 2021-12-03 at 07:33 by team
COVID-19 is still very much present Mauritius. Contaminations are still increasing and more than 300 deaths have been recorded last month. France has closed its borders with Mauritius. The IBA Act has also been voted in parliament.

Mauritius in France's red zone

Flights from Mauritius to France or from France to Mauritius are suspended. Indeed, the French government has taken the decision to close its borders with Mauritius. It is believed that Mauritius represents a risk, particularly in relation to the new variant, Omicron. Thus, the French Council of Ministers has introduced Mauritius in the "bright red" category, that is to say, a high risk country. Professionals, students and tourists will not be allowed to and from both countries.French citizens, European nationals, diplomatic personnel and flight crews will have access to the territory of the hexagon. 

However, pending a strict protocol that should be communicated by the French authorities this weekend, the French remain in the dark. "We have a trip planned for December 16 to visit our family in Mauritius that we have not seen for three years, but the information available from the embassy and the ministries is incomprehensible. To date, I understand that we will be able to go to Mauritius with tests and different certificates, the same thing to come back but with an isolation of 7 days. We are vaccinated, the delta is everywhere, I do not understand these drastic measures for Mauritius," said Tom who is to visit an expat family in Mauritius.

For Victor, a French expatriate in Mauritius, this decision is disturbing since the new variant is already present in many European countries with which France has not closed its borders.

This decision is also considered severe by the Mauritian authorities who are multiplying the talks in order to find a solution. It should not be forgotten that France represents the first tourist market of Mauritius. This is a blow to the sector which had started to recover since the reopening of the borders in October.

Covid-19: 348 deaths during the month of November

The figures are alarming. The Mauritian authorities have announced that 348 deaths linked to Covid-19 have been recorded for the month of November. Of this number, 156 were vaccinated. 88 patients who died were inoculated with Sinopharm, 44 with Covaxin, 16 with AstraZeneca and 8 with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). Since March this year, the country has recorded 21,760 people positive for the new coronavirus, of whom 19,923 patients have been cured.

The IBA Act voted

Despite the voices raised against the voting of the IBA Amendment Bill, it has been voted in parliament on the 30th of November. The Act, which provides for higher fees for radio stations, for changing procedures for renewing licences which could impede radio stations freedom and most importantly for obligation for journalists to reveal their sources under a demand by court, has been criticized by the opposition, journalists in Mauritius and abroad.