Winter 2024 forecast for Mauritius and Rodrigues: What to expect

Published on 2024-05-15 at 10:47
As temperatures begin to fall, the Mauritius Meteorological Service has released its forecast for winter 2024.

Winter in Mauritius and Rodrigues, which runs from May to October, brings noticeable climate changes. These months are marked by steady winds and varying rainfall, making them the coolest of the year for both islands. However, this year's forecast comes with some interesting twists.

Average rainfall expected in Mauritius

The winter 2024 forecast shows different rainfall and temperature patterns between the two islands.

In Mauritius, the forecast predicts rainfall within the usual range for the season, although it may decrease slightly towards the end of winter. Conversely, Rodrigues is expected to have a drier-than-average season, with rainfall below the normal levels.

Stable temperatures

When it comes to temperatures, both islands are expected to have relatively stable conditions. In Mauritius and Rodrigues, daytime temperatures are predicted to be around 23 degrees Celsius inland and 28 degrees Celsius along the coast, while nighttime temperatures should drop to 16 degrees Celsius inland and 19 degrees Celsius along the coast. However, occasional temperature drops, especially due to strong anticyclones, could result in deviations of up to 2 degrees Celsius below the average.

Oceanic and atmospheric conditions

Winds are expected to blow mainly from the East-Southeast at moderate speeds. Strong gusts are also anticipated, particularly during July and August, as powerful anticyclones can cause gusts exceeding 90 km/h during the peak winter months.

The forecast also warns of rough seas, with significant swells threatening the coasts of both islands. Coastal residents are advised to remain vigilant.