Drive car from Dubai to Saudi Arabia

Hi, I've recently moved from UAE to Saudi Arabia, but my car is still in Dubai. I would like to drive it across the border to Saudi and use it in Saudi for about 6 months (because the car is still valid in UAE till March 2023). Eventually I would probably import it, but I'll do that later.

I have the Iqama and Saudi driving license, UAE insurance but I can buy KSA extension, what else do I need? There are a lot of different explanations online.
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I invite you to check the following discussions Requirement to drive UAE car to Saudi on business visa and Importing Car to Saudi Arab from UAE where you can find bits of relevant information.


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Browse the threads from last two days on the Saudi and Bahrain forums.  I have answered this same question at least 3-4 times.


can you please advise your experience on this.



I took my uae car on a road trip to saudi more than 6 months ago and I flew out of saudi leaving my car there after the 10 day trip. Now i want to bring my car back to uae. I have a few questions:

1. Am i liable to pay any fines since the car was just sitting there for more than 6 months? If yes how do i pay the fine?

2. Can i just drive to the border or do i need to renew insurance or something?

3. Will there be any other issues at the border?

Answered on your other post.