Ex-PR Applying for EP

Hi everyone, I'm currently facing issues with my Employment Pass application and I hope to receive some feedback or advise as to the possibility of being able to continue working in Singapore based on the fact laid below:

1. Father was a PR when I was born in Singapore, not considered a citizen.
2. 2 months after we've moved back to Malaysia for good.
3. Father came back to SG the next year attempting to renew his PR and succeeded, including my mum's and mine dependent PR.
4. The said PRs was considered lost as we do not hold valid re-entry permit when the PRs expired, I was six years old.
5. Throughout our lives my parents do not know that I held PR so neither did I as I was very young.
6. Came into Singapore as an EP holder 2 years ago.
7. After applying for First Gen PR, was told that I in fact was a PR holder, application was rejected after some time.

Now that I'm attempting to switch employment, my EP application is being put on hold pending information from other agencies since 16/11/2021. As my parents were unaware and ignorant of the fact that I held PR before, is there still a possibility that I'll be able to work in Singapore? Any action that I can take to expedite the process?

As a second generation PR, you have an obligation for military service (assuming you are male, which your user name indicates).
In such a case, as far as I know, the PR does not expire until you fulfil your obligations.
That will complicate things and, most likely, you will not be allowed to work in Singapore before you did your military service.
Not knowing about it does not help. You better contact the relevant government authorities immediately.

@beppi Hi beppi, sorry that I bring this up again, but I just want to further clarify. I understand that even with the expiry of REP, the PR still remains so long as I do not leave Singapore, but once I'm outside of Singapore without a valid REP, according to ICA my PR should have been considered lost correct? If that's the case, was I liable for NS when I ceased to be PR since the age of 6? 

Bryant: If you were outside of Singapore at any time (since you were 6), then your PR is lost.
If you were second generation PR, then you were liable for NS. That, too, vanished with the loss of your PR.
But, since the government has a long memory and is pretty vindictive in this respect, you might never get a residence visa (and definitely not a PR) for Singapore again.

@beppi Thank you for your response, I understand that me getting an EP may be much more difficult than if it were a clean slate. It is too bad that I'm being punished for my parents' negligence on 2nd generation PR matters. May I just ask another question regarding PR since it seems you're well informed, if my father applied for my PR when I was a newborn in Singapore but never follow through with the collection of REP, am I still considered a PR then?