Job change and new work permit delay issue

I am recently changing my job in Belgium from Indian expat contract to new Belgium company contact.
My last date in the current company is 20th Nov. New work permit is applied on 4th Nov. But my new work permit is not yet approved by the authorities. I am worried what would happen if even after my last date with the current company my new WP does not get approved.

Will I be able to stay in Belgium till my new work permit get approved?
Will it be called a gap in my employment? Can it cause some issue in my Permanent residence case in future?
Is there a way to know the status of my Work permit application?
What is the current time for new work permit in Flanders region?

Kindly help me here.

Hey did you get sorted?

You have the right to stay in Belgium three months after your last day with your current employer

Thank you for the reply. I have read this in many places. But just out of curiosity is there a reference?

I think for single permit cases, RP expires on the same day work authorisation WP expires.

Hi everyone, I have a somewhat specific question about changing employer.

My current employer has submitted a renewal request for a single permit for me about two months ago since my permit expires end of August. The WP has been approved. However, after the app was submitted I decided to look for a different job and have secured an offer last week. The new employer is starting to prepare a single permit application for me.

I would like to notify my current employer soon and I have 3 week notice. However, the new employer suggested that I wait a bit for them to see if there would be any implication on me informing my current employer as the renewal process is already ongoing.

Have you been in this kind of situation? If I resign, I guess my current employer will withdraw the renewal application?