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I am moving to Brussels in 2012 , I have recently qualified as a nurse and I am finding it difficult to find any info on how to go about finding a job. i would be grateful if anyone on the forum could point me in the right direction. I have no languages at the moment however will be taking french lessons soon, although ideally initially I would prefer english speaking.

Unfortunately I don't think you would have much luck finding a job in that sort of setting only speaking English. You'd need at *least* French or Dutch, if not both. It's unlikely they'd hire anyone who couldn't communicate adequately with the patients & other coworkers, especially when most natives are trilingual at the least.

The only places you would stand any chance of being employed without French and / or Dutch is at one of the large international schools. However, as you are recently qualified, I doubt you would even be shortlisted, as there are many trailing spouses who are qualified US/Aus/GBR/Irl nurses with several years of experience who are the most likely to be appointed as school nurses.

Thank you for posting so promptly, and by the sounds of it my chances are not too good, although I do have five years experience as working as nursing auxiliary in belfast so I am not completely without experience although I take your point as newly qualified could be difficult and of course I am aware the language barrier is a a major flaw.

I have no interest in being a school nurse, so this is not an option, anyway I will continue to search, and thanks again for your input.

You may also want to try your luck at private clinics, there are a few that focus on the local xpat community. Usually, they are found in the Schuman/Montgomery area.  I have never visited one of those but I know there are a few, overpriced and the service is not better than in a normal Belgian clinic. I guess they might be interested in a native speaker (regardless of experience or local language skills), since their business is offering health services in English.

Good luck with your job hunt and keep us posted !

Thank you David,

I will keep searching I'm sure I will find something.


Yeah to work as a nurse they will probs wont u to speak both dutch and french and even english as a friend of my mine found the case to be

Hi Angie
I am a bit interested to hear how it went you :-) and where you found a job as an English speaking nurse. I have just finished as a bachelor nurse and is in the same situation as you were when you posted your note. Therefore if you can give a couple of hints and good ideas it would take it with a smile.
Thanks for your help

You need your qualifications recognized to be able to work here. It can take several months. Then you can start to look for jobs.

Do You know Where I have to apply for my autorisation as a Nurse in Belgium?

I'd suggest if you cannot work out how to use google in Dutch or French to find info on getting your qualifications recognised, then your chances of being able to work in Dutch or French are pretty low.

i think u can ask if u can make any practising if u wouldnt get any job ( cuz of the laungwich)

Since there is a lack of nurses in Belgium, i think there's a fair chance of finding work...
Off course you have to pick up the language, if your nursing degree is recognized i' d try to get work through VDAB (this is the case in Flanders, i'm not sure what the conditions are in Walonia and Brussels).

Hello,i live in lebanon and im looking forward to live in belgium.. Im a registered nurse in operating theatre since 2008.. And i would like to work in belgium..

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Please post your advert in the Nurse job offers in Belgium section, this might be useful.

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Ok thank u david

You need to have your qualification verified before you can work. I assume your French is fluent? If so you can search on the internet for how to have qualifications checked for work here. Then you need to look for jobs and of course you'll need a work permit, if you do not hold an EU nationality.

Are you still in Brussels or know an english speaking nurse there?
I am in Brussels on Friday and Saturday on business and need someone to change a dressing on a deep post-surgery wound on the back of my neck.
I will have the material just need a nurse to do it.
Will pay of course.
Please let me know if you can help.
[email protected]

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did u get a nurse in belgium?

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