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Hi everyone!
I'm a non-EU citizen and my company applied for a WP for me in January. And the mean time I was in Belgium and my residency permit ran out during the time the application was processed. Now I received a negative decision. Does anyone know what to do in this situation and what is the outlook for leaving the country? What needs to be done to avoid problems at the customs?
Please advise

Hello Anna,
Normally, a work permit is only admitted persons who live in their native country and want to come work in Belgium. The person in question should be not living in Belgium already, else the demand gets a negative decision (law of 30 april 1999, article 4).
That's why your work permit was rejected..
Your employer should ask for a 'arbeidskaart B' (a work permit B based on the fact u are already working in Belgium).
A work permit C (arbeidskaart C) is possible, depending on the reason why u came here..
Just PM me for more info.
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Hi Steven!

Thank you. But I already was working and leaving in Belgium for one year before. And according to the statement received it is not the reason because the application was submitted during my residency permit being valid.
This is why this situation seems confusing

Work permit B application cAn be filed by an employer for a non-eu citizen who is already working and living in Belgium on a temporary residence permit. For example when a person changes the employer.

Now, why was the wp rejected. Did you get the reason for rejection ?

Also, now that your rp is expired, it is a complicated situation. You may visit the local townhall, explain the situation and ask them if they can give you a paper that you can use to legally leave the country.

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I hope you're doing well. I found your reply to one member about the single permit denial case.

I am an international student from Pakistan. I started working in a small company as a student and they offered me a full-time job and applied for my single permit in December 2022. Lately, they received a letter of rejection of my single permit request. There were no reasons mentioned. Can you please guide me on the reasons for the denial and how to get a positive response from them?

Looking forward to your best advice.




There must be definitely a reason for rejection. You must read the letter example criteria is not met, which one it is minimum income or degree or something. They must have mentioned the reason, you can appeal within x number of days.


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Do you know what was the reason?



Do you know what the reason for the rejection was?

Hi, the rejection is because the employer wants me and nobody from the local labor market. so they ask for more clarifications.

Hi, the rejection is because the employer wants me and nobody from the local labor market. so they ask for more clarifications.
-@Salma Aziz

it is probably due to the fact that your employer did not provide enough information.

normal single permit as most people are accepted if the salary pass some threshold and if its not than it must be in a list of “hot” positions but its the employer who must demonstrate.