Single Permit - Resignation during change of Employer

Hi Everyone,

I am changing my employer and my new employer soon to submit the new Single permit.

I have got few information about the resignation from this forum: … 89#5444138

I would like to get clarified further more.

Is there any template for Letter of intent to resign? What should this letter contain?


As far as I know, there's no specific template.

Normally your employer should be able to provide the template they use once you have intimated or started discussing resignation. Some employers get it digitally signed with the e-sign portal, from what I know.


Thank you,

But I am asking about the Letter of Intent to Resign and not the Resignation letter itself.

This letter is for the purpose of informing ministry that I will be initiating my resignation with the employer after the Work Authorization is approved.

I would like to know the content of this letter.

@AppuBala If you submit such a letter your work permit will likely not be approved. Do you have enough time on your current permit to allow you to continue working while the new employer requests a permit?

@AppuBala If you submit such a letter your work permit will likely not be approved. That said, we don't know all the circumstances as to why you want to submit this letter. If you found a new employer you would be better to wait until the permit is approved before changing positions.


I have seen a Thread that discussed about the Letter of Intent to Resign when the Ministry asks for the resignation letter (signed/agreed by both parties) during Single permit (SP) process. … 89#5444138

I do not want a gap in the employment and if I give the resignation now then there are high chance I will end up in the work gap (3 weeks notice) before the new SP approval.

So here comes the letter of intent to resign which is only signed by me and I will inform them that the resignation will be given after the Work Authorization approval.

This letter is accepted by the ministry is what I understood from this forum.

There is no such document as intend to leave.

but as you describe, I think you can already draft something like that with all you need to say. That would normally works. You dont really need a template. Just tell what you are going to do and expecting to have.


Did you manage to get the process started with the intent to resign document ? when i checked with the Department of Work and Social Economy , they mentioned the indeed would require a resignation letter and the processing time is of 2 months. Just curios about your status