Single Work permit 2023


i worked in Belgium 8 months through a single work permit and i got another opportunity in meantime, the new company applied for new single work permit on 7th December till now i dis not get any response (9 weeks)

i'm very worried as i resigned from the previous company (they shared with me processing time of 6 weeks)

region: flanders

@abiramarni did you get it?

Yes thank you ! I got it after 9 weeks

Hi, Could you advise if it was a requirement to resign in order to apply for the single permit?

Yes, you can resign with mutual agreement for 3months from the day. Its depend some administrative worker are asking letter from employer that you have informed them that you want to leave.

@rsreeu Thanks a lot for advising on this. Do you know how long it will take normally?

@abiramarni Dear, as I am in a similar position right now, I would like to ask you sth not to make a mistake.

Did you apply the work permit before or after your resign? Can you apply a work permit before resign?

I have come here with single permit but should I apply for only a work permit?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Selam aycan,

You can apply for a new single work permit (if you fulfill this conditions:  for Turkish citizens  you are single and uninterrupted work 3 years or married and 2 years uninterrupted work ) as an employee or your new employer can apply.

As soon as your new single permit approved yo can resign.

When your single permit approved you will have residence permit and your a card will be replaced.

@maharaji1984 Dear Maharaji, thanks a lot for your return. Is that 3 years for a single person has to be in Belgium, can't it be in Turkey?

And another thing, If I understand you correctly, my new employer can apply for a work permit before my resign from the previous company?

Thank you.

@Aycan Gunal Selam Aycan,

Let me explain you better :

In last 5 years in Belgium if you legally worked either 3 years as single or 2 years with dependent person then you are eligible to apply for indefinite period single permit.

Authorities checking your payslips for that period if you have really worked .So if those periods are shown on your payslips as worked then i guess no problem if you were in TR.

As an answer for your second question yes second employer can apply for second SP .

Best of luck

@maharaji1984 thanks a lot for your kind reply!

Dear all,

Im a third country citizen. Is it possible to register  without a D visum when you are already in Belgium. Got my WP while my short stay visa was valid (which is now expired). Now awaiting the annex 46/47.

Thank you in advance!

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@Vincekoops yes you can but  you should proove how you have entered the Eu zone.


Thank you..

Region: Flanders

Application date: 12th June

Positive decision: 3rd August

Annex 46: waiting...

In 2022, it was much faster than in 2023...

Application date: 20th April

Positive decision: 10th May

Annex 46: 21/06/2022

@onaslan i get my annex 46 after 4 months of application date. in March applied in July get it.

@maharaji1984 4 months is really long!!! I have been living in Belgium since 2017, studied master in here, and working full-time since 2018. this will be my 4th single permit (before the name was different). last year's process was much faster. Normally, you expect the process gets better and faster year by year :) We provided all related documents and they just need to check them all and approve the application: last year this took 3 weeks (normal), and this year 8 weeks!!! and top of it without annex 46 I cannot start my job... This is completely insane. I will apply for permanent residency as soon as I receive a new ID card.

@onaslan I have also suffered from this long waiting issue. There is 5 days without working. I hope doesn't creates an issue for citizenship. Yes only 5 days it's because I have not been informed in time even though rp approved.


i am from bangladesh ,i apply for asylum seeker .almost  2 years running but no interview from Commission . i have work permission with a orange card .can i apply for single work permit or not as a asylum seeker

Guys,hi! I recall that someone earlier shared a link to the website where it is possible to track the status of work permit/single permit. I am doing a renewal of my current single permit, but I can not find a link to check the status. Can you please share the link? thanks