EVERE: Annex 15 not being issued in the commune - Dependent RP expiry


I have a strange issue with the commune in Evere, brussels.

My spouse RP is expiring in 1 week's time, the renewal documents were submitted on 14th May 2019.
We did not get any documentation from the commune authorities. We were asked to wait till we get the PUK CODES at our residential address.

I shifted to this commune couple of months ago, but in the previous communes (1000,1040), we were issued a document model-2 suggesting that the renewal is in progress.

Now, when we went today again to inquire about the status, they again asked us to go back and wait for the codes. Upon asking for the annex-15, they refused and said they cannot issue any document as they dont have any update from the ministry.

It's a bit strange as if we do not have any official document, post the RP expiration, the stay in the country would be deemed illegal.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or am I missing something here ?
I should indeed get some documentation from the commune suggesting that renewal is in progress. I understand that there can be a delay which is not an issue here.

Note:- Mine is the WP/RP renewal concept, the single RP renewal process will start this year end for me.

Thanks a lot in advance for guidance.

Yup, been in the same boat twice now. Last year, me and my wife were given a letter (not sure if it was document model-2 as you mentioned) which stated the the renewal is in process and it had a validity of 45 days. When the 45 day period was about to end, we went in and got extension for another 45 days. Fortunately the letter with confirmation/PUK codes arrived during this extension period.
This year is a complete mess though. My situation is the same as you with the single WP/RP, currently "under process", even when my existing WP has already expired. No acknowledgement letter stating that it is under process. My RP is still valid for couple weeks, so I am still not "illegal" here :D . Wife has separately applied for renewal of her RP but she wasnt issued a letter like last year. We are planning to ask for that letter once again couple of days before her RP actually expires.

So yeah, my only advice would be to visit the commune again and hope that you find a person who is willing to help.

Thanks Farhanmomin for the reply.
I will visit the commune and ask for a proof that the required documents are already submitted.

Final Update - I got annexe-15 for my spouse post intensive discussion with the commune.

All well now.

Hey Rohit,

Just to confirm, Annexe-15 is the the temporary document that states your (wife's) resdience permit is in renewal process, correct? And has a validity of 45 days??

Annexe 15 is an attestation that the commune has agreed that you've given documents to start a process to get or renew your paper.

That paper is extremely important because you can NOT be expel during the process + legal time to process your case.

Don't forget to renew it each time it expire.

Yup, understood. Thanks Alex..

Indeed, and I dont understand why the commune hesitates to provide this document. this is the right of the applicant. May be they are just lazy.

no no... that's just a common way to expel foreigners out of Belgium...

They can't proof they've send their files to process. So ==> no process ongoing.
And when ID card expire, there's no way to avoid the expel as they didn't officially give any file to renew your ID (if they just wait...) ==> #byebye

Foreigners doesn't know much about their rights (& obligations!). Even less than local peoples...

But... I also have to admit that, depending on the townhall, foreigner department doesn't know anything at all/much, as they're not used to it... (except the biggest cities such as Anvers/Antwerpen - Brussels where they do it on purpose!!!)
I had hilarious previous experiences at my town hall, where I had to tell them what to do about the case of my girlfriend... (thanks to my family of lawyers & judges...)

That's correct

For the RP extension of dependent, if it is under process and dependent's RP got expire can we ask anything from commune till we get new RP. Because my wife is working somewhere and her RP got expire on 31st Dec. And we applied for new RP on last week. So do you have any idea about this?

Talk to the local town hall, they should issue you a relevant  annexure

@Rohit45 Hi, I have the same issue. We applied for family reunion visa and while waiting for my husband's card issued,  we asked for getting Annex 15 multiple times for my husband but commune didn't provide us that paper. I don't know how to convince the commune to have the annex?

it is your right to get anexx 15, Not sure why commune denies it. A way to escalate - you can try writing to the mayor or head of the department ?

@AlexFromBelgium  I have a problem with mine now. Please is it a problem when you don't renew the annex 15. Normally I have been renewing it since January but this month the person in charge is sick and so it won't be renew till she is back. and am scared

Please i have a voilence partner and we did family reunion abd i got an A card and we have 4 children together. bit now i uave to be separated from him by law because of the voilence. so my question mow is how should i keep my card when i separate from him