S pass appeal rejected

My s pass appeal also rejected. Next i want to try other company can i apply?? Because some one say s pass appeal rejected. Mean i can't apply other job. Next 6 month i can't apply??? Pls ans me. Next i what can i do can i try other job offer??? Plsss


As far as I know, as long as ur employer did not submit an appeal, your prospective employer can submit new application. However, u need to address the issue of the previous rejection. Otherwise, the result will be the same.

I know he sumbited the Appeal, again he 2 nd application also sumbited again 2nd application of 1st appeal also gether rejected.😒 Now i have one more job offer but don't know can apply or not. Can apply?  Appeal rejected mean cant apply new job new application pls gv me advice plsss 😒

As rhanjo already wrote above, you can of course apply for other jobs, but there is no guarantee a work pass for those would be granted. In fact, if the current rejection reason is still present in the new job, it is sure to be rejected. So it is a good idea to find out and address the rejection reason first.

OK but application rejection reasion only i know, But appeal rejection reasion i don't know my employer side i ask but they never tell me.. Now what can i do?  New employer, new job offer i hv but now i can do. If previes rejection reasion don't know mean. How long after can i try??

If your application was rejected initially, then the follow up appeal too, you can go ahead and take the new job because your application stands rejected. You don’t have to wait.

MoM mentions the rejection reason to only the employer, not you. So nothing we can do but only rely on the employer to communicate.

My application also rejected initially, 1st appeal also rejected. So now application rejected reasion only i know. But appeal rejection reasion i don't know. That employer also don't want to tell me. So my question is. Now i hv one 2nd new employer, new job offer i have so this new job i can try? Note 2 days before only my appeal rejected. So up coming days i can apply this job offer? Pls clearly tell me plsss...note (1st application rejection reasion only i know. Again appeal rejected reasion i don't know?) so i can try new job, new employer, new job offer??? Plsss tell me

You already got three clear answers, yet every time you ask the same questions.
Is it because you have problems understanding our English?

I say it again as clearly as I can:
YES, your new employer can apply!
(But you could be rejected again.)

OK thanks i understand now. But one think only i need to know. If that employer don't want to re-appeal, and that employer can't rectified the rejection reasion mean. may be Mom gv the reasion like that. whatever. So that employer how can solve the rejection?? He can cancel the Appeal rejection? And he also can't hire new candidate right.

I still don't understand what you actually want. But we have written everything (and clearly) that can be said about the topic, so I will stop posting here now.

Hi already above I metioned. Next week new job offer, new employer going to apply for me.so any advice have you?

moovaravi20592 wrote:

Hi already above I metioned. Next week new job offer, new employer going to apply for me.so any advice have you?

Advice to you is to provide all legitimate information, also for your employer to file a ‘complete’ application with all necessary details. Apologies but as Beppi mentioned, it is truly tough to understand what you want/ info looking for. One post you talk appeal, next post you ask for advice on a new application.

Yes last month my appeal rejected. Now new employer new job offer hv to apply for next week. I worry to now  all the document sumbited also. Last rejection effects to now new application.. 😒

Nope, last application is done dusted. You apply for a new EP with righteous info and documents and hope for the best.

Thanks you so much. For Your positive advice 😊 i hope. And waiting.💪

Hi my pass got approval date 16 nov
application, nov 24 approval. Do happy thanks to all my advicers.

Hi, can you let us know what is the initial rejection reason for your spass application? Thanks!

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