Open a KBC bank account with 19TER

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to open a KBC bank account with temporary document from the Commune.

I am legally cohabitating with a Belgian citizen and I have received my 19TER after declaring family reunion in the migration office, I will receive an orange card in a few weeks maybe.

Right now I want to open a KBC bank account, I tried online but it does not work. So I called the KBC, the person answered the phone said it is indeed not possible to open an account online without a Belgian National ID, so he suggested me to go to one of the offices in Gent. I made an appointment and went there, the worker said I can not open an account unless I have a Belgian national ID card, she said even if you have an orange card, it will not be possible. she only accept Belgian national ID card.

So it is true that I can not open a KBC bank account unless I have a Belgian national ID card?

In 2014 I tried with an orange card they refused but they accepted my passport and address in my orange card. May try with your passport plus orange card.

Indeed the KBC also refused me but i was able to open my account with ING Bank in 2016. Take your Orange card and your Official Passport with you. Possible to take a copy of your partner not remember if required or not. The account will open few mins they will ask you to come back once you will get your ID to update the account.


It is fully possible to open one with KBC. First of all I do not get why they did not give you yet the Orange card. Normally with 19TER you can have the orange card on the same time. You just need a picture and +-20€. Have an appointment at KBC branch and if the clerk refuses ask to speak to branch manager as they know more, this is what I did and the branch manager opened it on the spot, I received my IBAN and my bank card arrived 2-3 days after by mail.