Mortgage loan

Hello everyone,

does anyone can recommend a bank to apply with for a mortgage loan?

Also, should i really have 10% at least from the loan amount or there could be exceptions?

i would appreciate if someone has a past experience to share.

Thank you

Your best bet is to contact 4-5 banks for a mortgage and compare the offerings. KBC, ING, Argenta, BNP Paribas, Belfius to name a few.

Depends on your situation how much upfront cash you will need. Keep in mind that on top of the property price, there are additional taxes (how much depends on the region and whether its a new built or not) and also loan costs, notary costs etc. There are some banks where you can get a loan for 100% of the purchase price but you should then at least be able to cover all other expenses with cash, which can easily be 10% of the purchase price. Again, depends on the stability of your income etc.

Best way going forward is to make appointments with these banks and then discuss your situation, bring your payslips and they can then tell you what will be possible.

@Rubenslash Great thanks for all the info