Small Personal Loan for Temporary Residents (A card)

Hello, hope my message finds you well.

I have been trying to get a small personal loan in Belgium and seems like none of the banks are ready to give loan (even for small amount~2000 €) just because I have Belgian A residence card. I have tried: Beobank, BNP Paribas Fortis (I have bank account in this for~2 yes), Cetelem, etc.

I have a fixed salary but a limited contract. Has anyone else faced a similar situation? Has anyone found a way out of this maze? If so, do let us know.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, if getting a loan is not possible maybe you can try to apply for a credit card? If you have a monthly income and a work contract I think you can get one. I also have an A card and I got my credit card from BNP.

@hypatiaa Thanks for the response! :)

Yes indeed, I also have a credit card from BNP but I guess loan is off limits, for a long repayment period..

Please try Fintro or Argenta

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Thank you for your message.

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