Bank mortgage with A card - Single permit bank loan for house


Do you have any information  regarding banks who give mortgage to buy a house with A card (single permit).

As far what I heard:

Some banks potentially give loans with A card but max 80% - no clue if true or not.

Please let me know any information you may have regarding the topic.

Huge thank you!

Some banks told me that they do give loans to A card holder but it depends on who processes the application. I never discussed the 20% min because I would put down substantially more than that, but it would make sense that they would require that much to ensure they could recover costs if your residency was terminated.

Every situation is different. Check with as many banks as you can.

Also check with mortgage brokers as well as they might be more willing to find solutions and earn commission

I now have an L card, but when I had my H card (which is a temp card like the A card), I was turned down by ING, despite having all sort of products with them.

KBC told me to come and work with thwm. Got an amazing rate, and I changed all my bank products with KBC. Great bank.