Mortage loan for type A card


Any suggestions for the most apt banks for getting mortgage loan , with type A card?

I know ING , Belfius and keytrade would not give that.

Thanks a lot

@Sheetal Laad I would say it's difficult. Try KBC.

I am trying for Mortgage, I am with L CARD and my wife applied recently for L even though banks are saying to wait till PR.

Try a mortgage advisor, they know almost all banks.

@eshwarraj09 yes trying with kbc n bnp n crelan.

@LyLy0708 yes this is also an option. I will check.

I have personally tried with KBC, BNP, ING and AXA so far with no success. I have an appointment with a mortgage advisor to see if there is any chance.

Did you have any luck with any specific bank?

@Ralph Bou ghanem  FYI. You should have L or D card for Mortgage approval. BANK feels risky to initiate mortgage for A card holders

I had the same experience