Housing loan for expats

Hello I am an expat here with a single permit (H -EU blue card). I am thinking about applying for a PR later. I have completed 1 year in Belgium.
Is it possible to obtain a housing loan from the bank for a person with my residence status?
I was thinking of rather buying a home than paying rent.

Thanks and would appreciate responses. I tried searching the blog but couldnt find anything matching.


Do you have a belgian bank account on which you're receiving your salary ? If yes, normally you will have no problem.

[at]phipiemar, I do have a Belgian account with KBC. Now My id card is valid till 2022 currently, but I do have an unlimited employment contract.

I check with "Hypotheek Huis" in Flanders and they say since my id has validity only till 2022 I cannot get a loan. I find that odd, because thats how ID's are issued.

Here we are in a different situation. Because your first question only talked about a bank loan. Without specifying that it was a mortgage you wanted.

The legislation effectively takes into account your authorization to stay on Belgian territory.

You have to be logical in your discussion with KBC. This style of bank loan is based on an average of ten years minimum. So what bank guarantees can you give the bank to cover its costs ... In Belgium, banks are not authorized as in the USA to make loans allowing them at the slightest opportunity to seize a house and put people at the door.

If need be, negotiate with them so that they can have access to your bank account in your country of origin.

If you have an unlimited contract, like phipiemar mentions, technically you are eligible. But banks are careful with lending to non-PR residents. They provide upto (based on evaluation of the property, etc).  80% of the property cost. So you must arrange for registration costs plus rest of the property price.

Thanks guys!!

I will try to get an appointment with one of the banks direct

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