Mortgage in Belgium

Hi, I am moving to Belgium receiving my income in  other than euro. I have the hardest time finding a bank offering a mortgage. Does anyone have any experience with this or recommendations for banks? Thanks so much.

Your question seems a bit twisted. You come to Belgium to touch something other than the Euro, our local currency. Explain yourself a little better? You want to collect your income in dollars or in another currency?
Or do you want to buy something with a mortgage? If that's the case, there's almost no chance you'll ever find one. Unless you have really serious international bank guarantees. Or to put as security the deed of ownership of another real estate. Because in the Belgian system, you are obliged to give authorization to the bank to make seizures on pay in case of non-payment of your monthly payments.

Sorry if it seems confusing. I will be paid in dollars and have around 30% of down payment but looking for a bank to finance the rest.

But I want to buy a property in Belgium.

Now it's a little clearer ...

Being paid in USD does not pose any problem to Belgian banks as long as the origin of the money can be verified.

Having 1/3 of the sum in bottom clean is well as starting base. Now it is a fact that the Belgian banks are very cautious compared to international clients without real historical in their establishments.

I see only three possibilities:
- or go through a request from your bank of origin (HSBC for example). It would be it that would iniciate the process with a Belgian banking partnership.
- or through a private lending agency.
- or ask a person known by the bank to act as surety

Some countries request you to have lived in the country a number of years before you can take out a mortgage, this is so you can build up a good credit rating score, regardless of your income or how much of a down payment you can provide.

It's actually very complicated to get a mortgage in belgium if you are paid in US dollars.
I live in the US, am a Belgian citizen and have just recently made an offer on a property in Brussels. However I can't find any banks or financial institution willing to give me a mortgage because I am considered a US person and they don't want to bother with the FATCA rules or take any risks.

If anyone has a solution to this absurd situation I would be happy to hear about it!


What are the private lending agencies you refer to?

ING and Argenta can handle FATCA.

They can but unfortunately they don't want to lend money to someone not residing in Belgium (and with foreign income - I'm paid in the US).
It's proven almost impossible to get a mortgage in Belgium because of the US resident status... despite the fact that I already own a property in Belgium.

I am having hard time too to find a bank in Belgium providing a mortgage as my salary is not in Euros.
I live in Belgium since 2011 and now I work for an international organization that is paying my salary in US dollar.
I am asking a mortgage that is 1/5 of my salary ... and I have available 25% of the cost of the house I want to buy.
Despite this conditions, Bank refuses as my salary is not in Euros.
Do you have any advice?

What if you have a guarantor?

I am currently looking at options to get a mortgae in Belgium, but what I read above doesn't seem promising.

My partner is belgian and I am Portuguese citizen, we both live in Australia. And we have saved around 30k euros

I have family in Germany also that could work as guarantors to support our case.