S Pass application, Help needed!! ):

Hello there,
I'm writing this to see whether anybody could advise on my S Pass application.

I recently completed my Diploma study and found a job as a laboratory technician in a biopharma company. I have 3 years of Tuition grant to "pay" and have been residing in SG for almost 2 decades. My employer had applied for my S Pass between 13-16 march (not too sure when), and have yet to receive any updates from her side. Should I be concerned and what is the likelihood of rejection?

Thanks so much in advance for your time and for any constructive advice.

check the status on MOM website
https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLE … yAction.do

Thank you for the link, it was very useful. Turns out my status is "We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer." could anybody explain to me what it means by "other agencies" and the likelihood of rejection? I'm kinda nervous.

This was responded many times already, you should read old threads. It means MoM has engaged with a third party vendor who act as a vetting agent who does verify the authentication of certificates, job experiences and any other documents. So, based on feedback, Mom may consider the pass approval. Good luck

The processing time for an S-Pass is usually around 4 weeks - and in your case there will be another 4 weeks to add for the vetting by "other agencies".
Since your application was submitted only 2 weeks ago, there is no reason to worry - only to be patient (which can be difficult for some).

Hello, thank you for responding.

May I politely check, would it still be possible to process my S Pass when currently im holding a student pass that will be expiring in less than a month? What should I do at this point? Plus, in my employment contract it was stated that I should begin my employment not later than first week of April. Any suggestions?

Hello Surya2k,  may I check with you, what happens when my employer indicated that I do not have any work experience? As I only have my internship (6.5mths) as my "relevant experience" neither is it 100% related. Would this affect my chance of getting the S Pass approved?

Your student pass has no influence to S pass. So, yes your employer can apply your s pass while you are holding your student pass. If your current application does not have any outcomes before or on expiry then you must have to leave Singapore as overstaying is illegal and will ruin your future passes.

It depends on which field and the profile your employer is hiring into. In today's pandemic situation, employer has to justify why they need to hire a foreigner, secondly did they try locally but couldn't find the skillet and thirdly employer must have S pass quota to hire a foreigner under S pass.

In your case the situation is same. Hope your employer justifies it. Your experience as an intern must be value added to your profile. Good luck

Hi Surya2k, I've just called ICA and they told me I could be given a special pass while waiting for my S pass outcome hence it shouldnt be an issue. However, I'm still extremely anxious of the outcome. It has been 2 weeks while i understand it would tame much longer, my employment contract stated that i should start working exactly on the 3 week mark. any advice to go about this? could i approach the HR to request an extension of the employment start date stated on the contract?

Yes, you should ask your employer about it.
You cannot start work before the work pass is approved and issued!

Hi, just an update and reference for anybody, my S Pass has been approved. Time line goes about

15 march : applied
24 march: input from other agencies
1 april: approved

certainly painful 17 days but I'm glad I could start work soon!

More info about me
Nationality: Indonesian
residing in SG for 18 yrs alr
highest educational level: Polytechnic diploma
Bond: 3 Yr Tuition grant bond
industry: Science

Hey guys, I would like to share my Spass application history:
03/09/2021-We need inputs from other agencies…….etc,
30/09/2021-Finally approved today! It took 21 Working days to complete the process.
I'm super excited 😊 and thanks so much people who shared their situation too.
I wish everyone all the best!

Designation: Safety Coordinator
Salary: 3.5K
Nationally: Bangladeshi
Year of experience: 4+
Industry: Construction

Congrats, great to see people are getting their work passes successfully in different sectors of market.

Good day

I want to ask about my S-pass application.
My spass applied last August 2021.
I thought it will only take for 2-3 weeks for approval.
Until now almost end of October still on Pending status.
According to my agency,  MOM told Them that it will take 3-4 months or more ,

Then knowing some of my friends who applied on September and October got their approval 2-3weeks only.

I'm just wondering why my S-pass application still on pending status.

Thank you in advance to those going answer and advice. Appreciated.

Ramats: Your employer should contact MoM to ask why it takes that long!

They said,
just wait for further confirmation.
Until now still in Pending Status 😣.
Already November,

Hi There ,

I am Indonesian , recently I got a hotel job pay is above market price as duty manager.

My employer has submitted the application on 23/11 however when I checked on the status it said no record found.

Usually how long it take to get the approval ?

@surianitan Please spend some time reading existing discussions before you post such questions: This has been answered many times!