Resignation procedure - Belgium


I work as a Software professional in Belgium and would be changing my employer soon. This would be my first resignation with a Belgian employer and I do not have any experience with it. For the resignation, I should formally submit a signed document stating my resignation , notice period and today's date ? And get a acknowledgement with the signed copy from my manager ?

The resignation document should only be in French or Dutch ? Can the communication be through email ?

Also, I should get the below documents from my previous employer after my resignation period ?

- C4 document
- End saldo pay slips
- Working experience certificate
- Holiday statement

Any insights would be of great help.

Thanks a lot in advance !

Different organizations have different processes I think. For example, in my firm, it is an option in our HRMS tool to initiate resignation process.

The best is to consult your HR representative.

Partial answer if it helps.
I remember that the default notice period in Belgium is one and half months from the end of the month in which the resignation is informed.  Hence the importance of the date on your notice.  If you don't have a specific notice period, and the rule is still the same, take care that there's a 1 month difference between resigning on 31st of month N and 1st of month N+1.

Guys, I am recently resigning from the Belgium employer. Can someone tell me what all documents to collect from the employer on resigning.
I know some list such as
-experience letter
-relieving letter
-Full and final settlement

Is there another document I need to collect.