Tips on switching jobs

Hi, I have a few questions on switching jobs:
1. I read that it is recommended to give your leave notice to your current company when your pass application is approved. My company needs 1 month leave notice. Is it acceptable for new company to wait 1 month after the pass application is approved? Would they want to wait? What should I say when the recruiter ask 'when is your earliest start date'? Can I answer with '1 month after pass application is approved'?

2. If I got my pass approved by new company then I still have to work with my old company for a month (since the leave notice is 1 month), then does the old company needs to cancel my s pass ? When will they do that ?

3. Let's say I accepted a job offer and the new company applied pass for me and I haven't told my company yet. Turns out it got rejected. Will it hurt or interfere with my current position in the old company or is it like something that never happen in the first place?

Thank you, hope the questions aren't confusing

All these questions were answered in multiple times, it’s that you didn’t spend time to read old threads. I will repeat again:
1. You should speak to your new employer and tell the notice period of 1 month. Secondly, inform them that looking at current situation in the market, you may have to wait to get approve the workpass before you could able to inform your current employer to serve your notice period.
2. This is a very basic thing, surprise that you are not aware. The day you resigned and HR accepted your resignation then employer will terminate the pass cause you serve only one month and will block your salary to adjust the tax clearance and other expenses, if any. Those serve higher period e.g. 3 months then employer will cancel pass on last month.
3. If your new workpass application is rejected then how does it hurt your current employer? You should ask this question to yourself, you will get answer. In short, answer is no.

I'd like to add to Surya's otherwise excellent answer above:
3. On the surface, there is noimpact of a rejected workpass applicationelsewhere on your current job. However, if your current employer checks (as some employers do regularly), they can see that you had another application ongoing (but theycannot see where and for which job). Some employers put such illoyal employees on a "to be fired soon" list. So this is not without risks!

Why and how would one’s  intended new employment be declined on the basis of declined work pass, especially  in the situation above (For this thread ) where the individual is already in the country and is legally working but wants to change job and has successfully gotten one ?

I just don’t get it

I think I’m clear on probable causes for such occurrences from subsequent threads.

Isaac Gyamfi: I do not understand your question (or what you actually want to know).
If your work pass for the intended job is rejected by MoM, then you cannot work in that job. Isn't that clear?

I understood the whole issue after reading other threads that’s why I reposted just after my question

But come to think of it .. with your response .. provided the employer is cool with s1 and only seeks to get the work pass for him. isn’t it annoying for MOM to reject it , ie; declining the hopeful employee an opportunity for better stay with a new employer?

But like I said.. I’m okay after reading other threads

Yes, it can be annoying if your work pass application is rejected.
But MoM is not responsible for your good mood, but for the benefit of Singapore and its people.


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