deduction of salary

Pls. help... our ompany now will deduct my salary because i cannot take the prometric exam due to my experience was in saudi before because  our employer did not want us to take the exam before.  buT I applied again in saudi then i was working in one of the hospital in jeddah... . they degrade my position because  i cannot take the exam   and  they deduct my salary as well ... they want me to signed the new contract   for the deduction but i will exit this year . .  thus our agency have the right to deduct my salary which were differwnt and lower than the contract signed in our country?
forcing to sign the new contract and  if i dont they will stop me from working..
i need an opnion.. thanka

Human Resources are still not stable. The employer doesn’t respect you labour absolutely. A have a very conscientious lawyer among my friends. He got used to such cases. If you are interested, I can give him your contact and you can text him via email. He can help you to become more capable.

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