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I have a doubt regarding visit visa. Can a visit visa be issued before the expiry of the existing visa? What if the exit is made prior to the expiry of the existing visa. Supposedly the exit is made one n half month prior to the expiry. What are the chances of getting a new visit visa. Please respond to this in detail.

My experiences with this are from the KSA consulates in Bahrain and UAE.  They would not entertain applications for visit visa except in the last 1-2  week from expiry date of the previous one.  You should check with the consulate or agent in your home country.

Iam from India. So will they allow a new visit visa if I go early? My visa will expire by April. So what if I go in march? Will that work or not?

Check with the consulate or your agent. Doesn't work from Bahrain or UAE.  Don't know about India.

Okay thank you. I hope you are not talking about multiple Visa for family not about tourist visa

Talking about normal visit visa ie business or commercial visit.

I want to enquire for family visit visa. Need help

Check with consulate or agent.  My assumption would be that it would follow same rules.

Okay thank you

Just in case if you can get any info... Would be a great help to me.

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