Marathi in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Hi all ,

This Is Harish Pawar from maharashtra,
I am looking for Marathi people here in Riyadh.

Writing to know how many of us are here in Riyadh and around for obvious reasons.

It will be great to have a group here.

Contributiins from interested Marathi people are awaited.

Keep good

Hi Harish,

I am from Mumbai and I can speak marathi

Nice to know dear

where do u stay in Riyadh  ..which company do you work .

Keep good

Hi Harish, IM Ganesh Walimbe here. Are still in Riyadh. I came here on 18th March. Looking for Marathi friends.Pls reply.

आपण अजूनही रियाधमध्ये आहात?

[at] Vasudeo > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum?

Thank you,

Priscilla team

I'm coming soon there. Kuni aahe ka tethe? It looks a dead forum to me.

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