Telugu speaking boys and Girls in Riyadh???

I am an Engineer, recently came to Riyadh from India. I do not have any idea about KSA and do not have a single friend here in Riyadh. Any Telugu speaking Boys or Girls can contact me

There are probably a few here, but I wouldn't call them boys and girls - unless you enjoy prisons.

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If you're looking for friends, then narrowing down your search to one of the hundred languages spoken in your Home Country isn't the best idea. Unless, you love your language more than having a friend or have difficulties communicating in a common language. :)

Do you refer to yourself as a boy too, at the age of 30?  And why did you make this thread apparently on the Hong Kong board?

Anyway, good luck making friends, and yeah, don't limit yourself to just one language.  You do speak a few languages, so be open to making friends from around the world, not just those who speak your native tongue. would get ample number of telugu speaking people in KSA.... I guess among Indians post Keralaites  telugu are the next big bunch.. Search the forum there are some threads already..and as far as i know i guess there is a telugu riyadh community as well, search the net again.....all the best..
And take our banter light...we just love any chance here...

Kymadoce :

we just love any chance he:Pre...

We don't leave any chance ... Sorry for being off topic !!

[at]balu, am from hyderabad, my mother tongue is telugu. welcome to saudi, need any help send me personnel message to my inbox.

This is Bhaskar from Hyderabad, a Civil Engineer working in Al Rashid since Jul'13. I do not have single friend here as my entire working experience is in Hyd. May I know about your self?
Bhaskar V B [Moderated: send details in private pls]

Hi I am Sreekanth from Hyderabad
Telugu speaker
In riyadh
Get in touch


parwaledu  memu andaram okkate :cool:
if u need any help i am ready to serve u

I just found few in my office, but guess everyone is busy with their families and life here. No much time for us. So better we singles form a group.

hi ela vunaru

naa peru vamsi

am working in riyadh

my native is nellore

suribhai :

I just found few in my office, but guess everyone is busy with their families and life here. No much time for us. So better we singles form a group.

Nice to C Ur msg. Whr R U working? n Wht is Ur mob. no?


This is sudheer from hyderabad working in King Saud University.

i am also looking for telugu people if you still looking for let me know,

my id is ***

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IAM IAM harshini from Tirupati,Andrapradesh. I came to KSA last month..I am searching for telugu speaking friends.....

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