Update in S pass application

Last year my employer applied for my S pass and it got rejected due to some quota problem .In my rejected S pass application they wrongly entered my previous job title, instead of project engineer they entered as structural engineer, This year they are planning to apply for my new S pass application,Whether it is problem if they apply for new application with job title as project engineer?

They should input correct and accurate data into eponline form. If it was erroneously written wrong, then they should correct it. As long as you have proper documents to back up your claim then it’s very much fine. Good luck

Thanks for your reply.....while you mentioning the document , i have my experience certificate, in that they mentioned clearly about my job title.Is this sufficient to submit as a proof ?

Note: I want to say a big thanks to you....This doubt make me to feel so bad in recent days...I proudly say you are the best in clarifying doubts related to visas...

Yes, your experience letter will suffice that. Good luck

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