Working in Dubai

Can someone please tell me if there is an annual cycle of employment in Dubai?
For example, do employers usually offer their jobs Nov/Dec, sign contracts with the expectation new employee will commence Feb 1?
(Or something like that).

Just trying to work out if there is a 'cycle' around this that follows the seasons or months of the year.

I'm hoping to commence employment (after finding a job in IT) March 2021 and trying to work out when I should be on the ground in Dubai to achieve this goal.


While the hiring process is generally happening all year round, however, there are a few timings to avoid as the job seeker.

Ramadan / Eid holidays (different days each year based on the Islamic calendar) - Everything just slows down massively
Dec / Jan - A lot of people take holidays and again, everything slows down

So generally speaking, the best times would be from Feb to April / May (depending on Ramadan) and then from Aug / Sep to Nov.

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