Marriage in morocco : Should women provide payslips ?

Hi im from uk my fiance is moroccan ive read all the brilliant helpful info on here but one thing we need to make certain of before i fly out is that the consulate page states that women do not have to provide payslips is this correct as i dont work due to health problems and we are very concerned this will be a problem

No payslips are not required

Thank you very much for your reply thats great! 😁

But you guys will need to show that you have enough money in the bank to support you or he will have to show employment paperwork.

Oh i see..I did not know that but common sense really which i clearly lack 🙄😬😄..thanks again for your support..big big help 🤗

You're welcome! All the best

shukraan jazilaan lak..barak allah fik..Inshallah..🙏
Im learning 😬😄

Hello ,
Are you going to have a moroccan tradition marriage because we the expat members need to come to the wedding day and enjoy 🎉🎉
Wish Allah makes you happy together 🙏

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