Rejected once, Same status since appeal

Hello Beppi (if you're still around),

My EP was applied for on 4th Dec, rejected on the 20th. Reason - pending tax issues. I was an intern in SG and I had not known that we needed to pay taxes separately. My employer was paying taxes and i thought that is all. But turns out, sometimes employers do not pay all your taxes and you need to contribute too.
Anyways that issue with IRAS is fixed and now the EP is appealed for again by my employer. However, since then the EP status has been 'Rejected' and I am beginning to get nervous.

I checked with my former employers and they had not received any verification calls/emails. Neither has my educational institution received any. I'm not sure what's taking so long.

My profile - Undergrad(BBA) in India. Thereafter about 2 years work ex. Then Postgrad in SG.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Your EP status can be changed once the outcome of your appeal goes in your favour, or else it will be remained status as rejected. Good luck

Not your employer pays your taxes, but you and only you.
In case a foreigner leaves, the company must (by law) withhold the last month salary to cover potential tax liabilities (if any). But if the liabilities are higher than your monthly pay, you (and not the employer) still owe IRAS.

Regarding your EP: An appeal takes a similar time as a new application - currently 1 - 3 months in most cases. Read the related threads on this forum to find out why and what influences it!

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