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I applied for Work holiday pass last year (Mid August) on the base of graduation from UK's university and my application was approved in September. I travel to Singapore on 27 November and I got work holiday pass at the beginning of December that'll expire at the end of May. Currently, I am in Singapore.

I am Pakistani Citizen and I have a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from University of Hertfordshire, UK. I also have 1 year and 3 months of experience in IT field from Pakistan before starting master's studies.

I secured a job in a robotics company in Singapore and they applied for Spass on 19th December which was rejected by MOM and they didn't explain the reason. The salary they mentioned was S$ 2.5k. I have asked some professionals on LinkedIn that how much could be the salary of a person who has qualification and experience as mine and a person replied to me it could be between 3k to 4k. What could be the possible reasons for the rejection and what should I talk and suggest to my boss when I discuss with him. One of my relatives suggested me to apply Epass because of my higher education. Is that reason of reject? Do I qualify for EPass not for SPass? kindly tell me how much my salary should be to get Spass or Epass according to my profile. Any guidance will be a great help for my career and I'll appreciate all kind of help.

If need any other information then please ask me and thank in advance. Thanks

You had asked same question in PM, I had informed you about the possible reason why it got rejected.

I also told you to check SAT to know the eligibility of your work pass. Did you check?

Secondly, ask you to go through existing threads including one of the main thread on Work pass approval criteria. You can do assessment and see where it went wrong. It looks to me, your salary is way below to the market standard and secondly holding a Master degree (though check in MoM site if they recognise your university - if not, then MoM won’t consider your master degree) should have been applied EP then your salary is way below to qualify for EP.

There are multiple reasons why your pass got rejected. Good luck

If you have a WHP, then why don't you work on that?

Thanks for the reply. I WHP validity is for 6 months and its not renewable. so I need Spass or EP to work for a long time. That's the reason I need your help.

Thanks for the replies

Thanks, Surya2k I got your reply I reposted it here so that others who had the same issue can get guidance.

I have used the SAT, It showed me that my company should apply for EP with a salary above or equal to S$4600. Is it ok if my company apply with S$4600 salary or they should apply with something more like S$4800 or S$5k to make the case more strong?

Both Universities (from where I got Bachelor and Master degree) are in the list of SAT tool and I got WHP on the base of the same university in the UK from where I got Master's degree.

Thanks for your kind help.

The company should, no: MUST, apply with the salary they are prepared to pay you - and which is also mentioned in the employment contract. Everything else would be illegal.

Yes, they'll pay me the same amount as they mention in application for EP. Thanks to inform me.

I have already highlighted in my first message that your offered salary is way below to the market standard. You should get around $4k or above with 2yrs of exp. But, issue is now that your employer can’t offer such salary as there is no way MoM would accept such a salary increase for the same candidate in their appeal.

So, better find a new employer who can offer salary as per the market standard. Good luck

Ok thanks. That's an important point. If they apply for spass with S$500 increase will it also seems suspicious to MOM?

It means they'll actually increase S$500. nothing different for pass application and actual salary.

$2.5K or $3K is too low for a candidate holding M.S of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, IMO.
If you want to spend a long time in Singapore (3-5-10 years) try to get a better offer. It will be much better to start with an Employment Pass instead of an SPass.

The market rate for fresh graduates is around S$3600/month. With your niche  skills and wxperience, it should be higher.

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