I Got refused to enter in Singapore

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I got refused to enter in Singapore last August 06,2017 When I asked to the immigration officer why i am not allowing to enter into Singapore.She said i stayed too long but i politely answered her I choose Singapore because my family is living here and my sister is resident here and  i'd never do something illegal, or overstaying, or work illegally, and always have legal return ticket and said she is not satisfied with my answer , then I asked her what is the solution to come again as a tourit,she said you have to go back to your country ,from there you can contact ICA by using mail.If they allow  you to enter and get the letter from them we will consider. Next year I want to visit Singapore again for tourist purposes with my mother a senior citizen and my nephew and we already booked a ticket on March 20,2020..Then I sent an email to ICA_SAVE_Helpdesk[at]ica.gov.sg cos it's been a year already and I got a quick response from them..

Dec 30, 2019 at 10:57 AM
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Dear Madam,

Please refer to your email dated 30 December 2019.

2          You may visit Singapore as a normal visitor, subject to you meeting the usual entry requirements, which among others include, having a passport with at least six months validity, a valid Singapore entry visa (if applicable), confirmed return/onward tickets (where applicable), sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore, etc. The entry requirements can be found at ICA website at www.ica.gov.sg.

3          Nevertheless, please note that the issuance of the Visit Pass is however assessed by the Immigration Officer at the point of entry into Singapore.

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With this email can I show this to immigration officer so I can enter again to my next visit in Singapore?And I'm thinking do I need to send an appeal letter cos this is the only email I received from them..

thank you in advance.

You sent me (and maybe others?) the same as PM and I replied you there, which I regret now.
What is the point of such multiple messages (which are considered SPAM on the forum)?
This unacceptable behaviour is called "kiasu" in Singlish - go and google that!

ICA Officer has informed you correctly about the visit visa to Singapore. As the earlier case was 2yrs old, and in between you never visit this country, so chances are there that you will be allowed to visit here. But, you should avoid traveling Singapore so often. Once in a year may be okay. Yes, you can carry the ICA officer’s response along with other documents. Good luck

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