Extremely worried about my work pass situation...

Hi Everyone,
After reading through the forum extensively, I've decided to make a post. Hopefully I'll get some clarity regarding my current situation. Some background information about myself: I've been working in Singapore for more than 18 years, though not continuously as I worked in Malaysia and China as well but back to Singapore for the past 4 years. I have also applied for PR at the end of 2016 but it was rejected early 2017.
I’m Portuguese and previously have been granted EP quite easily (sometimes within 48 hours). After searching for a job and freelancing for the past 1+ year, I’ve been offered a position as senior lecturer for a local polytechnic (pay is at $7k). With my previous experience in education (Academic Direction for 6+ years, etc.), it should be a straightforward process. But with the increasingly tighten rules by MoM for foreigners, plus a few other impediments, I can’t help but feel very anxious about the whole process.
Firstly, I’m currently registered as the foreign partner of a LLP (about a year old). I’m willing to give up my partnership if it means approval for my pass but problem is my employer has already applied for my pass, will this potentially be a huge deal-breaker? 
Secondly, there might be some information mismatch with previous EP applications by other companies as the HR person informed me when she’s doing the application. Plus, she doesn’t seem to be experienced with applying for work passes so it worries me too.
Thirdly, my ex-wife was a PR but she renounced it in 2017. As divorce is a long and tedious procedure, we’re still legally married. But given the circumstances (her PR renouncement) I’m really afraid that this would affect my work pass application negatively.
Thank you all for your input. I hope to have a more stable situation and can settle down in Singapore long-term.

Please help :((

If you are holding a position or partnership in a registered LLP, it must be declared in your EP form and to get LoC from MoM. Not sure whether you have declared it or not to MoM. See the link from MoM for your Ref:
https://www.mom.gov.sg/faq/employment-p … er-company

Second question, you should liaise with your future HR and make sure the information sent to MoM should be correct and valid. Any discrepancy in info will lead to confusion and suspicious at MoM.

Third question, her PR denouncement may not affect to your EP approval but it’s not a good sign that your spouse denounced PR.

Any doubts at your end, should reach out your HR and clarify. If any info given to MoM is not correct then better reach out MoM and provide the correct details with proper clarification. Good luck

Thank you so much surya2k! Do you think I should reach out and clarify with MoM now or maybe wait a little more? Last time I checked, my application status is 'pending'. My HR applied on Monday this week..

I said if you think HR has submitted incorrect info (you need to check with your HR) then your employer needs to reach out MoM then provide correct info.

While holding an EP for one employer, you are not allowed to do any work for another company, but you are allowed to own (passive) shares in others.
I am not sure how being partner in an LLP is counted towards this. You definitely have to stop any activity for the LLP, but you should ask MoM if you also have to give up being a partner.

On what kind of visa did you stay in Singapore for the past 1+ year? Doing freelance work or being an (active) LLP partner is not allowed on most options.

Hi beppi, thank you for your reply. I'm trying to remove myself from the LLP via Acra, but now it needs my Singpass details which are not valid anymore... Can I state anywhere in my work permit application form that I'm planning to give up my partnership in the LLP?

On tourist visa, but I'm always travelling around the region and I registered as a foreign partner.

Be careful: As a foreign partner (without valid work pass) doing ANYTHING for the company while you are in Singapore is illegal work and will get you deported when found out!
About the details or terminating an LLP partner status you’ll need to ask ACRA.

Hi Beppi, I've managed to resign as a partner through an agency earlier today. Let's hope everything goes well..

Hi Givemeajob,
Is there any update on your case? Please help to share. Thank you

Hi nullpointerexception, my pass was approved roughly a week after my last post :)

Thank you everyone for your help and insights, especially surya2k and beppi!

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