Cafe and restaurants

Hi Friends ,

            i am saravanan from india and i am interested in opening some kind of cafe or restaurants in sofia .. i am also interested in opening up small stores for groceries ,, can anyone tell me is it possible for an indian to open such a business in sofia and whether it is good to open ,, awaiting for responses friends ,,



Hi Saravanan!

I hope other members will be able to help you soon ;)


Personally I love Indian food and can tell you off the bat that there are a few Indian restaurants here (in Sofia).

1 is excellent;

1 is good, although the food has been rather inconsistent each time I have ordered;

This one is apparently not so good;

The rest are rubbish.

Bulgarians (in my disappointing experience) are not too taken by Indian food, but I could be wrong (and hope that I am as I love it!).  Having said that, a good chunk of the population likes spicy foods.

Personally I'd love some Indian treats like Rotis, Samosa, Bhajis etc.  Bulgarians do love their pastries so this could be a winner.  Bhajis and Samosas are well liked by the people I experimented on. :)

Do let me know how you get on!